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Leader in Automotive Electronic Test

 Application Field: Automotive   


The role of electronics in automobiles is continuously growing.
The car of the near future is expected to be equipped with much more electronic components than today, and even more advanced. 


For this reason, worldwide leaders in automotive electronics require the highest test quality, so to reach the zero-defect-rate requested by car manufacturers. SPEA is today the test equipment supplier for the largest automotive electronics OEMs worldwide. Chosen to guarantee the quality of all their electronic products, from the simple boards to the most advanced ECUs, at the lowest cost of test. 

Key factors for SPEA’s tester success in automotive market are:

  • High productivity with 8x Multi-Core architecture
  • Low cost of test: no need for operator and ultra-fast automatic board handling
  • Test reliability
  • Test repeatability
  • Test certification
  • Functional test and power test integrated in the ICT equipment: no need for Functional bench station, saving footprint, handling and operator
  • Parallel multi-protocol On-board Programming: different-type devices can be programmed in parallel
  • Real-time remote quality control: SPEA testers can provide test data to third-party MES for real time production monitoring
  • Parallel LED test

SPEA testers - both bed of nails and flying probers - are successfully employed in different automotive electronics fields:

  • Body electronic
  • Power Train
  • Lighting









Maximum productivity with
SPEA 3030 bed-of-nails testers

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  Flying Probe testers are the best choice for NPI,
low volumes and even high volumes
with the new 4080.
And they also increase coverage
when test point are not available

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