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Where no field return is acceptable

 Application Field: Defense   


Defense electronics manufacturers have the highest requirements in terms of quality and life of their products.
No field return is acceptable.

Since 40 years, SPEA fully satisfies this need with its bed-of-nails and flying probe testers. 

The test is accurate, reliable and complete, including customized functional test programs and test tools developed according to the product specifics. UUT is never stressed during the test: touch is precise and delicate with Soft touch function (availabe on Flying probe testers) and motorized receivers (bed-of-nails testers). 

It often happens that defence electronic manufacturers have to test old products without board data. This is not an issue with Flying probe tester and board repair software, able to rebuild CAD data and electrical schematics, without need for expert repair technician.

Legacy system replacement is another typical requirement of military market. SPEA can automatically migrate the test program from obsolete third party systems to the latest SPEA tester platform, so to avoid re-building the test program.

Finally, 40 years in testing guarantee the reliability required by military electronics companies, which often need support on their test equipment after long time. 








Full test coverage with multifunction
3030 Bed-of-nails tester

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  Flying Probe testers are ideal for small batches,
delivering the same test program
and test coverage of 3030 Bed-of-nails testers

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