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High productivity at
the lowest cost of test

 Application Field: EMS & Consumer   


High productivity, multifunction test capabilities and no need for operator make SPEA bed-of-nails and flying probe testers the favorite choice for worldwide EMS leaders.


SPEA tester have been designed to answer any test need, in terms of:

  • Wide range of test techniques. SPEA testers include all test techniques to test 100% of electrical and mechanical components
  • Probe positioning accuracy. When the need is to test 01005 or next 008004 SMDs, SPEA Flying probe is the answer
  • Productivity (Up to 8 test cores in parallel)
  • Automation (SMEMA compliant, ultra-fast board handling < 3 sec to load/unload the board)
  • Real-time remote quality control: SPEA testers can provide test data to third-party MES for real time production monitoring








Maximum productivity with
SPEA 3030 bed-of-nails testers

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  Flying Probe testers
are the best choice for NPI,
but also to increase coverage
when test point are not available

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