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Repair and rebuild without board data

 Application Field: Repair   


Military airplanes, helicopters and ships, highway toolbooths. In some markets the product lifecycle exceeds the life of the electronic boards installed in it. Long lifespan is a crucial requirement for Defence and Transport electronics manufacturers, which oftenly face the need to repair an old board without having board data, CAD data, electrical schematics. Or even to rebuild it. 

SPEA Flying Probe tester fully satisfies these needs, with its board repair and reverse engineering capabilities even in absence of board data. 

With the experience gathered in 40 yers of testing, the Board Repair software automatically generates a test program focused on field-returns failures and needs, enabling low-skilled operators to quickly repair the board without knowledge about the product, neither having CAD data or electrical schematics available. Saving in terms of time and money is remarkable. 

Also reverse engineering is automatic. By applying different test techniques - from Nodal Impedance Test to power functional test - the flying prober automatically rebuilds the board schematics and allows to rebuild a copy exact of the UUT. 












    Flying Probe testers
automatically repair and rebuild
boards when CAD data are not available

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