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Flying Probe Testers






SPEA’s Flying Probe Testers help manufacturers of printed circuit boards to deliver top-quality products in the fastest time-to-market, avoiding fixture cost and increasing accessibility when compared to bed-of-nails testers.

Testing 100% of electronic, mechanic and electromechanic components on the board, SPEA’s Flying Probe Testers guarantee the perfect working of PCB over years, eliminating field returns.

The whole range of SPEA’s Flying Probe Testers uses state-of-art positioning and measurement technologies, so to satisfy any present and future testing need for a wide range of applications.





4080               Flying Probe S2

The fastest and most accurate flying probe ever.

160 touches/sec. 50µm pad contactable at high speed without leaving marks. 8 multi-function flying heads.

The future in testing is now.


3 models to satisfy any testing need.

From prototype to NPI to production test.

Flying Probe S2 offer low cost of test and no field return.

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