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Cut the cost of test
with the fastest Flying Probers ever
Fastest probe speed with XYZ linear motors
Accurate Micro-SMD probing with XYZ linear optical encoders
Highest measurement accuracy with the revolutionary Flying Tester Concept
Unmatched probing flexibility with Multi-Jig technology
Flexible Board Loading: In Line-Manual-Automated
Widest Test Capabilities including LED Test, 3D Laser Test, Hi-res AOI, 4xOBP






Fastest probe speed with XYZ Linear Motors

High-Force Linear Motors provide productivity and durability that no other motion technology could guarantee. This is why all the most advanced production equipment (e.g. latest-technology pick&place) are based on this state-of-the-art technology. SPEA Flying Probers S2 as well.

  • Top-performance linear motors on XYZ axis
  • Highest speed of movement
  • Optimized probe routing
  • Maintenance-free with no tear and wear
  • Mechanical stability over long time










Micro-SMD probing is accurate
with XYZ linear encoders


Miniaturization won’t stop and SPEA’s Flying Probe systems are ready for the future.
Their accurate positioning is made possible by High-Precision Linear Optical Encoders on each X-Y-Z axis, the only technology that provides real positioning feedback of the probes.

  • Top-performance linear optical encoders on XYZ axis
  • Micro-SMD (008004) pad accurate contacting
  • Reliable test of flexible/thin printed circuits, Sticky Boards
  • Positioning measurement stability over long time
  • Ultra-Fast Soft-Touch technology: no touch damage, no stress on PCB and Micro-SMD 





Highest measurement accuracy with the revolutionary Flying Tester Concept


The shorter the distance between probe and instruments, the faster and more accurate is the measurement. According to this simple electronical law, SPEA designed the first & unique Flying Tester in the world.
Force & measurement instruments are placed directly on each flying head, delivering unsurpassed measurement speed and performance.


  • Highest measurement performance & accuracy
  • Signal integrity
  • No measurement degradation or interference
  • Immediate signal acquisition

Unmatched probing flexibility with Top & Bottom Multi-Jig technology


Much more than simple probes.
SPEA Flying Probes S2 testers can be equipped with a wide range of top & bottom jigs, enabling the simultaneous performance of different test techniques and 100% reliability.
Discover how the exclusive SPEA's Multi-Jig technology expands probing flexibility, test capability and overall productivity, with either single-side or dual-side Flying Prober.


Top & Bottom Multi-Jigs can include:







You don't need to choose
between manual and in-line


Flying Probes S2 deliver full flexibility of use. The same system can be integrated into automatic production lines, or equipped with standard board loader/unloader magazines, or used manually. Without any mechanical adjustment.

  • Manual + Automated + In-Line board loading combined into the same system
  • Operatorless cost-saving working
  • Ergonomic manual loading of irregular-shaped PCBs
  • Pass-through or pass-back operation
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left operation 





 Full coverage
with new test capabilities 


LED Color & Intensity Test
LED technology is used in a growing list of applications. Flying Probe S2 are designed to provide accurate and cost-effective test of LEDs.

  • Up to 10 LED Test/sec
  • Measurement of LED light color (HSL values)
  • Measurement of infrared LED light
  • Measurement of LED light intensity
  • No influence of ambient light and nearby LED
  • Automatic test generation & thresholds definition

3D Laser Test
Detect mechanical & process defects in the shortest time with the new 3D Laser Test.

  • TH & SMD soldering profile
  • Component presence & absence
  • Component height measurement
  • Component alignment
  • Press-fit pin connection
  • Open Pins
  • Tombstone


NZT 3.0: full short-circuit coverage with just 1 touch per net
Short circuit left undetected could cause breakages and damage when the UUT gets powered on for the first time.

Do not let your customer to detect the defect.
Catch all short circuits in the shortest time before powering on the board, with the new NZT 3.0 Nodal Impedance Test.

Short circuits detected on:

  • Soldering pads
  • Tracks (external & internal layers)
  • Connectors
  • Component internal



 Hi-Resolution Color Optical Test
High-resolution flying cameras provide accurate & reliable Optical Test, without needing operator's intervention. Save AOI test station cost.

  • Component recognition
  • Component orientation
  • Character & symbol recognition
  • Solder paste check
  • Laser mark reading

4x Parallel Fast On-Board Programming
Cut the cost of on-board programming station. Integrate it on Flying Prober. New SPEA OBP is now faster than ever.

  • Real parallel programming of up to 4 devices, even different
  • Up to 10x faster compared to previous OBP version
  • Wide range of protocols & interfaces
  • Vast library of drivers 



Discover all Flying Probe S2 test capabilities







Automated Application Development


  • No need for expert technician to develop and debug the test program
  • Automatic test program generation in minutes,  with or without CAD file
  • Fast Automatic Debug & Tuning
  • Automatic board repair software
  • Friendly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

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3 models. 
From NPI to high volumes

The new Flying Probe Series S2 is a big step forward to further decrease your cost of test and your cost of engineering.

Three models are suitable for different needs, with unprecedented accuracy and productivity.

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