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3030 TOWER


Cost-effective high-reliability functional test
Multifunction test capabilities for unmatched coverage
Wide configurability, full modularity
Compact & ergonomic design



3030 Tower is the new compact tester expressly designed to provide a cost-effective high-coverage functional test of electronic boards and modules. It tests any single function that the UUT is supposed to do on field with unparalleled accuracy and speed, but it can also execute electrical tests - In Circuit, On Board Programming, Boundary Scan, Optical Test, Parametric Test - providing unprecedented coverage.

With the new system CPU the Functional Test execution is remarkably faster. AutoDebug & AutoTuning are as fast and efficient as never before. New On Board Programming can now program in parallel up to 4 devices, even of different types.

Inverter. PLC. Electronic control unit. Power supply, power module and much more. 3030 Tower executes functional and power functional test on a wide range of boards and modules: a single high-throughput functional test station for testing all of your products.

The open rack architecture of 3030 Tower makes it fully modular and configurable. It can be equipped with SPEA’s instrumentation as well as third party instruments and supports the most popular programming languages.

Finally, the new Leonardo OS provides up to 50% time saving in test program generation compared with earlier SPEA’s functional solution. And it is easier than ever: no specific knowledge is required to the operator, just some clicks following simple guided steps.



Test Core
Configuration - Core x Channels: 1x768
Analog Channels - Caracteristics: 100V, 1A
Digital Channels - Quantity: up to 2048
Analog Channels - Caracteristics: 0,5 ÷ 14V ± 300mA


Manual Loading Receiver
Actuation: Manual


Drawer Loading Receiver
Actuation: Motorized

Zif Version


Environment Requirements
Transport temperature range: -25˚C ÷ -55˚C
Environment temperature range: 15˚C ÷ 32˚C
Measurement temperature range: 15˚C ÷ 32˚C
Humidity: 20˚C ÷ 70˚C


System Specifications
Body main dimensions (LxWxH): 600 x 900 x 2005mm


Measure Capability
Resistance range: 1m Ohm ÷ 1G Ohm
Inductance range: 1uH ÷ 1H
Capacitance range: 0,5pF ÷ 1F


Test Type
ICT - InCircuit Test: Yes
High Power Functional Test: Yes
Open Pin Scan: Yes
Power On Test: Yes
Functional Test: Yes
On Board Programming: Yes
Open / Short: Yes
Boundary Scan: Yes
Led Color Test: Optional