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Do not limit yourself to finding only passed and failed boards. Discover the reasons for the error, identify the critical areas of the production process and intervene promptly to improve it. Choose QSoft.

QSoft is the control software developed by SPEA to monitor, analyze and optimize the production process of your company, allowing you to produce more with better quality.
Acquire and process data collected from test stations - both manual and automatic - QSoft allows you to correct the production process: you will be able to intervene at root causes of faults and prevent them in the future. In addition, with the experience of a long-running test engineer, QSoft will guide you in the repair of failed boards, suggesting the best methods of intervention and reducing the required skills as well as the time taken by operators.

Automatic and real-time control of the production, provides an immediate report with indication of defects and repairs to be made, batch record, boards and components passed / failed. Additionally, it includes analysis of defects, statistics on the productivity of machines and operators, data acquisition test stations manual or other manufacturers. These are just some of the new features of QSoft: a single, intuitive software, straightforward and easy to use, able to satisfy any need

If your request is checking and improving the production process, QSoft is the answer.