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SPEA Leadership

Executive Team




Luciano Bonaria
President & Chief Executive Officer

Born in Turin in 1948, he began his career in 1968 at Olivetti, then moved to General Electric. These are the years when the world begins to expand electronics to computer science. Great electronics companies have their own internal testing engineering, who develop and produce the necessary systems to test their own products, and Luciano Bonaria works as researcher and designer of equipment for testing. In 1976 he started his own business and founded SPEA, of which he is still President and CEO, while maintaining an active role in the design of Hardware and Software architecture of SPEA products.



- Chairman
- Products Architecture
- Corporate Communication
- Senior Executives
- Sales & Marketing






Luciano Marcigot
Chief Technology Officer

Born in Pramaggiore (VE) in 1948, Luciano Marcigot has over 45 years of experience in the field of electronic testing. His career began in 1966 as a Test Engineer at General Electric. In 1979 he joined the fledgling SPEA, becoming Vice President, Research and Development Director and General Manager. He directs the development of products that have revolutionized the world of automatic testing for electronic boards and semiconductors, such as Flying Probe Tester, Bed of Nails Testers, Comptest and Handler.



- Deputy Chairman
- Product Development
- Research and Advance Engineering
- Applications Semi







Lorenzo Bonaria
Chief Financial Officer

Lorenzo Bonaria was born in Turin in 1984. He enters into the family business in 2000, first in the board repair sector, then in the accounting and planning Department. After two years of experience in the Sales Support and the Company Services Department, he became Company Services Director and responsible for personnel recruitment. Since 2012, Lorenzo Bonaria has been Chief Financial Officer. Among his assignments: Financial Controlling, Real Estate & Facilities, purchasing, logistics, ICT and company services. 



- Administration
- Facility Management
- Corporate Organization

- Purchasing
- Logistics
- Information Technology
- Funding and Grants
- Work Safety









Andrea Ganio
World Wide Operations

Andrea Ganio was born in Turin in 1965. He began working in SPEA in 1986 as a Test Application Engineer, after an experience at Inter Rep, electronics distribution company. He participates in the development of numerous products and monitors and manages the expansion of the company across five continents, to become the Head of World Wide Operations. He deals with international operations, and intellectual property.



- International Operations
- Intellectual Property








Pietro Muraca
Chief Manufacturing Officer

Pietro Muraca was born in Ivrea (TO) in 1971. He joined SPEA when he was very young, in the technical department; he went through every step and in 1997, he was named Director of production.  Leading an ever-growing team, he monitors and manages the manufacturing process. Among his assignments: order processing, the procurement of materials, job scheduling, organization of manufacturing and testing and logistics departments. 



- Manufacturing Operations
- Supply Chain Management