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Automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, security, aviation, marine, medical, entertainment. These are just some of the areas in which SPEA’s testing systems are used daily. Their reliability, their unmatched productivity and adaptability have become essential tools in a technological market in which the competition is getting tighter.


SPEA’s peculiarity is the ability to work successfully in every phase of the production process, from the testing of single semiconductor component, to the electronic board, to the functional testing of the finished product. From that, substantial benefits derive: the best ideas are borrowed from one field to another, lowering costs and development time while realizing products based on the best architecture, with all the benefits of compatibility that ensue. 


Low cost of test, high accuracy, innovative inspection techniques, complete configurability to accomplish all the requirements. This is where SPEA’s customers’ satisfaction derive. For them, testing is not an additional cost, but a tangible competitive advantage.




Semiconductor Testers

It may be a microprocessor. A microcontroller. A gyroscope. A pressure sensor. An accelerometer. For any type of microchip or microsensor, SPEA has the optimal testing solution.

Developed by R&D team in partnership with leading semiconductor manufacturers in the world, SPEA testers evolve along with the technologies that need to be tested, often anticipating them. By participating in each stage of the technological process, from the development to the production, our engineers have the ability to design and implement testing systems, when your product is still on paper.

SPEA distinguishes itself from other ATE manufacturers by its customer care and its attention to every single need. "SPEA listens to us", is the comment of our customers. Abnegation and total dedication to every requirement of testing are the flagship of SPEA. And wherever you are, our technicians will be there with you. Before, during and after the installation of the system.

"SPEA Turn-Key Solution": we do not provide our customers the test system only, but also the handling equipment and possible stimulus units. All the systems  are designed and developed to provide the best integration and ease of use.

Flagship: the MEMS Test Cell, the only automatic system in the world able to handle, to test and stimulate MEMS sensors (gyroscopes, accelerometers, pressure sensors, etc.), ensuring high productivity – and the consequent reduction of costs of testing – unmatched by any competitor in the world. An innovative product that has led the company to become n° 1 in the testing of inertial MEMS, with millions of pieces tested every day.



Tester for electronic boards


Thanks to the solid expertise gained over the years, today SPEA's products are the best board testers in the market.


SPEA 3030, real revolution in its field, is the only bed-of-nails tester in the world capable of performing a true parallel test on several boards, thanks to the innovative multi-core technology that allows you to host on a single system the performance of more testers. Productivity and diagnostic capabilities, multiplied up to eight times, have immediately convinced the most demanding manufacturers: in a few years, we have already installed more than 500 testers worldwide.


The same philosophy and same architecture are the basis of our flying probe testers, dedicated to boards with difficult accessibility and high-mix productions. As for the bed-of-nails systems, the new generation of flying probers represents an unprecedented technological leap, for their motion technology (the fastest and most accurate on the market), test algorithms (which reduce the test time of 70%) and measurement instrumentation, that is capable of discriminating values as low as 0, 1pF with absolute stability.


Two innovative ideas. Two stories of success. Two product ranges that have led SPEA to be undisputed leader in Europe and second in the world in the market of board testers.