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MEMS market is experiencing an exponential growth: MEMS applications are spread in all kind of devices, so that they have become mass-market commodities, while also applications like medical are booming. This results in the need to further reduce the ASP and production costs for these devices, whose production volumes are going to further increase.

Most of the cost of test for MEMS is related to final test, where physical stimulus is required to test the device functionalities. To bring down the costs for this phase, SPEA manufactures complete MEMS test cells, which integrate all the elements for handling, contacting and complete testing, including physical stimulus for functional test and tri-temp thermal conditioning. The main advantages of these single-manufacturer solutions result in high-throughput, optimized performance, short application development, ease of use and maintenance, configurability and scalability.

For the wafer test phase, SPEA's testers represent a single-equipment test solution for the ASIC A/D control and for the sensor part of the device. The complete instrumentation is complemented by high-speed digital/analog data transfer (essential to shorten the test time for the ASIC test), independent arbitrary waveform generators on single instrument, and small value measurement modules to measure Pico amperes and FemtoFarad values.


Integrated MEMS/Sensors Test Cells
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Pick and Place Handlers
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