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Pick & Place Handlers
for MEMS and Sensors


Extreme productivity: Over 33,000 UPH
parallel handling
up to 200X parallel contacting and testing
High-speed soft-impact handling
Pick&Test 0,5x0,5mm to 40x40mm device size
Wide Range of stimulus units
Jam rate < 1:10,000
Package changeover
< 5 minutes













The new meaning of productivity


very high parallelism
- 1-50X parallel handling
- up to 200X parallel contacting and testing
- 80 tray load capacity
- non-stop operation (2-cassette tray loading)

no waste time for tray defrag
- dedicated I/O defrag units to cover fails
  or disabled sites

high-speed, zero-shock handling
- over 33,000 UPH
- 2 motorized heads with 1-50 pickups each
  and vision unit
- friction-less motion with linear motors
- controlled axis motion profile curve to stop at
  zero-g acceleration for soft device releasing

lowest jam rate
- automatic compensation of tray defects
  (shape, planarity, improper dimensions)
- device auto-alignment and presence 
  verification in contacting unit






100% input configurable

Input tray - loader/unloader
- 50 JEDEC trays loading capacity
- tray loading/unloading during operation
- precisor unit for device pre-alignment
- 8” wafer size (predisposed for 12”)
- Die size: 0.2x0.2x0.1 to 9x9 mm

input bulk - bowl feeder unit
- high operation autonomy
- optical check by high-speed camera
- bowl refil during handling operation
- possible concurrent installation with tray
  loading unit

- 5S inspection and optical check by high-speed camera




input wafe/strip - wafer/strip frame loader

- detach and pick devices from wafer (8/12”) or strip on blue tape or UV tape

- Optical inspection on 6 sides

- Wafer change time <2 min


output bulk - box
- anti-static
- zinc-coated iron plate
- 314x130x70mm dimensions

output tape and reel - reel sort unit
- dual output reel
- masked reel exchange
- optical check of pin 1 orientation before
  tape sealing








A world of test units. Multi-stage, Combo, Reconfigurable


SPEA Handlers are complemented by the widest range of test units, to combine in a single equipment all the elements of handling, contacting, physical stimulus and complete testing of MEMS or other IC devices.

Multiple stimuli can be combined in a single test unit, to test combo MEMS, such as environmental sensors (pressure + humidity + gas + temperature) or navigation sensors (accelerometer + gyroscope + compass).

The test area can be easily reconfigured on field with different test units, while the configuration of multi-stage test units enhances the system productivity: up to 200 devices can be contacted and tested simultaneously, offering the highest throughput.










full system

SPEA Handler is complete of all the modules required to interface and contact the devices under test:

- precise and reliable single-frame
  presser contacting
- conversion kit for standard and custom
  packages from 0,5x0,5mm to 40x40mm size
- fast package changeover (<5 minutes)







Intuitive &

Operating System

- Easy-to-use programming environment
- Multi-site transparent management
- Automatic code generation
- DUT-Oriented instructions
- Off-line + on-line visual debugging
- Production control panels and
  equipment monitoring tools







- temperature range: -40 ÷ +125 ºC
- temperature accuracy: ±2 ºC
- no defrost needed for intervention on
  the contactors
- 24 hours/day working without intervention
- programmable at ambient temperature
- precise tracking of thermal performance parameters
- temperature monitoring per site





easy maintenance & calibration

- complete system auto-calibration in
  7 minutes by top and bottom cameras
- calibration-free head: pickups do not need
  single calibration
- fast contactor removal
- easy system accessibility










ultra high OCR/2D
reading accuracy

The Vision Unit performs 2D code reading and OCR verifies the presence of the devices inside the input/output media, the devices orientation on x-y axis and the device's flip.

- Min code dimension reading: <0.45mm
- Code types: 1D, 2D, QR
- Min DOT dimension reading: 0.035 x 0.035mm
- Mark technology: laser, ink-jet, dot-peen, ECE