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SPEA’s success at Semicon China



SPEA’s presence at the just-concluded Semicon China in Shanghai has been a complete success:  the whole range of test equipment for MEMS, mixed-signal devices, probe cards and load boards has excited great interest, boosting hundreds of visits at SPEA booth.



DOT400: A revolution in mixed signal testing

At the SPEA booth, the new DOT400 mixed-signal tester was present. With this new system, SPEA matches the need for low-investment, compact and easily reconfigurable testers, with the high accuracy and capabilities required by today’s mixed signal testing. In a zero-footprint design, with just 3 instruments, this tester perfectly addresses the test needs of automotive, PMIC, lighting, converter, MEMS applications.

High-density instrumentation and optimized design contain this powerful tester into a very compact system (50x50x60cm) that can be directly docked on a wafer prober or used as benchtop, with no instrument cabinet or manipulator required. A new generation of instruments offers high multi-site capabilities together with best signal integrity, thanks to dedicated tester interface on each instrument.

System and instrumentation are designed to offer the easiest and fastest reconfiguration, to match ever-changing production needs. First of all, 3 powerful instruments include all the resources to perfectly cover the requirements of most mixed-signal devices. Basing on these 3 boards, the system configuration can be tailored to a defined product, avoiding any useless and costly resource redundancy. Then, if a peak of production of a different product requires a different configuration, any idle system can be easily reconfigured and moved on the production floor: the reconfiguration is as simple as possible, while the system can be easily carried thanks to its compact dimensions and the manipulator-free docking system.




MEMS Test Cells: further steps ahead

SPEA MEMS Test Cells have been the focus of a continuous evolution.

This modular equipment, combining pick&place handling, testing and physical stimulus for functional test and calibration (including test at temperature), is now enriched by additional stimulus units, while enhanced handling performance provide for higher throughput and accuracy.

The range of testable devices now includes inertial MEMS, pressure sensors, magnetic and 9-DoF MEMS, proximity sensors, humidity sensors, MEMS microphones, proximity and UV sensors, with possibility of equipment reconfiguration with different stimulus units.

The handling mechanical architecture now allows the system to pick and place components with size down to 1x1mm, reaching a productivity which overcomes the 33,000 UPH



4060: The flying probe tester for your probe cards and load boards

4060 Flying Probe Tester can deliver important quality and economical benefits to semiconductor industries, demonstrating to be the best machine for testing probe cards and load boards. It can be profitably used to test new probe cards and load boards before placing them in production (so to avoid the diagnostics directly on the mixed signal tester), to trouble shooting on field returns, to check-up for the remaining life of components (to avoid down time during production due to load board failures).

SPEA 4060 can detect weak components, such as relays, in a very accurate and cost-effective way. Preventive test of components with defined lifetime allows the early identification of the ones that need to be replaced, avoiding their breakdown during production.

The target of this preventive test - to be run at defined time intervals on production load boards - is to drastically reduce the failure of load boards during production test, with the related costs.

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