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SPEA China games: the power of being a team!


Volpiano (TO), January 10th 2017

Our SPEA Suzhou people have recently participated to a very successful team building event, aimed to reinforce our future visions and goals while strengthening companywide relationships. 


The complete team of general managers, team leaders, engineers and staff members headed to Suzhou SND Yang Mountain for a full-day session of outward bound activities.


Key focus of the day were the motivation and raise of individual potential, through team encouragement and sense of honor building.

This involved plenty of challenges to promote team work, problem solving and a little bit of healthy competition!

Grasping bar in the sky, stepping like giants, climbing “impossible” walls were just as many ways to march forward bravely, experiencing the power of being a team to brake ourselves’ limits.


The big lesson that came out from the day can be summarized by the old Chinese saying: “If you help others to succeed, you can realize your value too”! When you share your experience or your technical knowledge with your colleagues, you will get improved at the same time, and you will also get their appreciation and friendship.


We would like to thank everyone who attended, and hope you are looking forward to next year as much as we are!

Here below you find some photos of the event:


Giant steps: everyone in the team must be perfectly synchronized with others to win. As long as one is wrong, the whole team will be stopped, then the opponents will surpass you.


 Grasp bar in the sky: an excellent way to challenge yourself, try your best, eliminate your fear  with your team’s encouragement!


 Puzzle: It’s a pure language game, aimed to build positive and effective communication habits between team members!


 Graduation wall: Personal strength is not enough to reach the goal. Team work and reciprocal help are the only way to achieve the result!


 There is no perfect individual, only perfect team!










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