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SPEA 4080 Flying Probe Tester at Apex 2017


Volpiano (TO), February 20th 2016

Volpiano, Italy – SPEA’s 4080 has definitely drawn the attention of APEX visitors in San Diego. The ultimate flying probe tester made in SPEA demonstrates to be able to set new benchmarks for flying probe board testing in terms of productivity and contacting accuracy. 


Innovative granite chassis, combined with state-of-art linear motion technologies, offers low vibration and thermal stability, ensuring unprecedented probing precision at ultra-fast test speed.


Very high speed Linear Motors on each X-Y-Z axis delivers a productivity that is three times higher than other systems. The highest positioning accuracy is guaranteed by sub-micron resolution Linear Optical Encoders on each X-Y-Z axis, making 4080 suitable to probe on a 50 μm pad without leaving marks on it.


Full test coverage is provided by a complete range of test capabilities integrated in the 4080, and by the highest available measurement accuracy offered by “Flying Tester Technology”: a complete forcing/measurement board integrated on each axis.

4080 footprint is very compact: 2.2m2.

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