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SPEA-Politecnico of Turin cooperation



A handshake between Professor Matteo Sonza Reorda, Professor Marcello Chiaberge and SPEA’s CEO Luciano Bonaria, along with SPEA’s CTO Luciano Marcigot, solidifies this agreement of cooperation and reinforces the foundation of a lasting and successful collaboration.


Future automobiles with assisted conduction and the next generation of smartphones will be the fulcrum of an additional technical and technological progress driven by the availability of new MEMS and Sensors that will significantly improve lives.

SPEA is the world’s leading manufacturer of sophisticated machines for the testing and calibration of MEMS and Sensors and must augment the develop of its R&D capability for new machines required for future innovations.


For this reason, SPEA and the Politecnico of Turin have decided to intensify their long-standing relationship.


SPEA hires many new engineering graduates and dedicates their development to the most innovative projects.

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