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A new kitchen has been inaugurated in the Ukraine school


We did it! On September 1st, 2017 at the presence of the local authorities and the President of the association Arca Solidale, Sergio Pero, the Director of the Kuchynivka School in Ukraine inaugurated the academic school year 2017/18 along with the new school kitchen. The kitchen’s important renovation has been possible thanks to the intervention of Arca Solidale, whose project has been funded by SPEA S.p.A together with the donations received from members and sympathizers.




The village of Kuchynivka is located in the Ucraine Region of Chernigov, 200 kilometers north-east of Kiev. It is home to little more than a thousand people and it is primarily an  agricultural village.

The school’s building dates back to 1904 and houses nearly 100 children. Over the years it has undergone little, if no maintenance at all and as a result the kitchen was in an overall deteriorated and poor condition. The two kitchen areas have now been completely dismantled, rebuilt and equipped with modern appliances, including an industrial dishwasher.

This intervention is very important for the village of Kuchynivka as finally the school’s children will be able to benefit from meals cooked in modern, clean and efficient facilities. 

During the inauguration speech, the Director of the School Mrs. Svetlana Shchevcheko and the Mayor of Kuchynivka, on behalf of children and their families, expressed words of great gratitude towards Arca Solidale and SPEA: "We are all moved" - said the Director - "The Regional Administration has no funds and our children are the first who suffer as a consequence of this" - Svetlana said - "Arca Solidale and SPEA are for us like angels from Italy that helps Kuchynivka". 





Evidently Svetlana’s words was overemphasized, moved by the important result. In any case, we're truly happy to have helped these children!

The total cost of the project was close to 400,000 UAH (about 12,000 euros).


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