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Manumix project: SPEA hosts international meeting



On November 21, SPEA will host the visit of an international committee from Lithuania, Wales, and Euskadi, as part of the Manumix project. Manumix is an initiative promoted by the European Committee, aiming to reinforce and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of innovation policy-mix in advanced manufacturing at regional level, through evaluation and policy learning.

SPEA, which is part of Mesap (Smart Products and Manufacturing pole), has been involved by Finpiemonte as an excellence in Piedmont industry. The company is a perfect example of the research and innovation strategy to intelligent specialization.

“We are very happy to be part of the Mesap pole” says Luciano Bonaria, president of SPEA. “The opportunity to participate to innovation projects, with universities and companies, is a valuable way to be a step ahead in experimenting new technologies while strengthening our know-how. If we could count on shorter response time from the institutions, and on a leaner bureaucracy, today’s good results could become excellent, bringing us further away towards the future”. 
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