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A successful Open House for SPEA flying probers!




A successful Open House took place on July 16th to 20th in Saint Cloud, Florida. The event was organized in cooperation with KWA - Kurt Whitlock Associates, a long-standing partner for SPEA.


The guests who attended were engaged in technology workshops, highlighting the most advanced technological features of SPEA’s flying probe systems.


Today’s toughest test challenges - lack of accessibility, high cost of undetected failures, high mix in high-volume productions - are perfectly faced by SPEA technology.


Superior fault coverage leaves no defect undetected, while top-level mechanical architecture ensures the highest probing accuracy (<50um) over time, along with the highest throughput.


"The week was a real success" said Mr. Kurt Withlock "very productive and informative for customers".


"SPEA Flying Probe technology never ends to impress" added Mr. Giovanni Noto, SPEA Sales Director. "Our systems are chosen by the most demanding industries, which require zero defect quality standard".
SPEA and KWA currently enjoy a Strong Florida market position, working to expand through Hands On Workshops!
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