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 ATOS C2 - Operating System Software
 Improving your time-to-market has never been so easy


Comptest MX systems performance are complemented by the powerful ATOS C2 operating system. ATOS C2 sets new standards for the test development process, for the use of the system in production and for the maintenance operation management.

An easy-to-learn programming environment with transparent multi-site management, visual debugging tools, automatic code generation, dramatically shortens the time taken to develop, debug and release the test programs. Off-line debug tools cut the cost of development, since the system is not needed for the test program control, while time to market is further improved by the team test development option, that make it easy team work management and concurrent versioning.

The smoothest factory integration is guaranteed when the test program is released in production, thanks to the effective production control panels and equipment monitoring tools.



Automatic Data Import

All the device information (e.g. pin number, pin name, test list, measurements nominal values, thresholds, ...) are automatically and quickly imported from the CAD/CAE files. The data are used by VRAD 2 and Load Board Viewer for the test development and debug.  


DUT-Oriented & Instrument-Oriented Instruction Libraries

ATOS C2 gives at your disposal two sets of instructions, to match the maximum ease of programming without losing in flexibility. Development time is furtherly reduced thanks to the transparent, automatic management of multi-site, datalog and measurement errors.

The Instrument-Oriented Instructions give the greatest flexibility, allowing the programming of each instrument parameter.

The innovative DUT-oriented instruction libraries are made to program the test functions directly on the DUT pins, without needing to focus on the hardware instrumentation details. The DUT-oriented instructions shorten dramatically the development time, reducing of the 70% the number of lines of the source code. 


The DUT Map allows an easy description of all the connections between the DUT and the system instrumentation.

The information is displayed per die, while the resource selection and addressing per pin is made through a guided procedure, based on the actual hardware configuration of the system.

• Easy description of DUT pins connection to system resources

• Automatic connection relay management

• Only the installed instruments are available for the selection: No mistake can occur in the resource assignment to the DUT pins



Very Rapid Application Development 2

VRAD 2 allows you to focus on test parameters and data, through easy and immediately clear data maps,
and a set of interactive tools and functionalities:

• Test models libraries for modular development
• Management of multiple test flows in a single test program, and multiple devices in a test program family
• Global and local test parameters management
• Fast modification of test parameters without re- compiling the source code
• Off-line result map for off-line debug 

Test Program

Basing on C, C++ or Visual Basic language, it is possible to include in the test program custom test functions, executing syntactical controls on the code and real time debug.

In addition to the SPEA proprietary format, the digital patterns are compatible with STIL and WGL standards.

The waveforms are customizable through an easy-to-use, graphical editor. 



Off-line + On-line Visual Debugging

• Load Board Viewer: parts navigation on electrical schematics and PCB
• Immediate overview of the DUT connections and involved instrument programming
• Instrument setting inspection
• On-the-fly instrument setting change during test execution
• On-the-fly digital pattern change
• Acquisition memory display



Test result Analyser

• Data collection, processing and analysis
• Production summary
• Result distribution analysis
• Statistical data calculation
   (standard deviation, CP, CPK, etc.)
• Site-to-site comparison
• Result correlation
• Wafer map
• Bin wafer distribution
• Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (GRnR)
• Data report in HTML 

Shmoo Plot

• Characterization of the component operating parameters
• Identification of the characteristics of the optimal components
• Identification of the best operating point of the component
• Characterization of the tests performed on the component



Easy to run. Easy to monitor. Easy to maintain.

ATOS C2 gives you all the tools you need to make testing a straightforward process in production. The Production Control Panel provides, in a graphical intuitive interface, all the production information at a glance, through runtime data monitors: Yield (per die and total), test time (total or partial), fail analysis histogram and wafer map.

The Production Control Panel is complemented by the powerful Production Equipment Supervisor, providing on-tester capture and real-time statistical analysis of the performance parameters for all the systems present in production. This tool automatically detects, identifies and registers the systems, then constantly monitors the performance parameters providing a complete failure analysis for a faster problem diagnosis. All the panels are customizable, and each indicator can be set for one or more alarm thresholds. The analysis provides either real time and record data.

Also the system maintenance operations are made easier by ATOS C2, through Scheduling automation tools, Selective diagnostics per module, automatic alerts on the system performance.


Production Control Panel


Production Equipment Supervisor