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 Application Field: Automotive



The electronics content of vehicles ranges from electronic control units to mobile communications, security, entertainment, networking, representing near 30% of the total cost.

This market is characterized, from the testing side, by three main trends: 

  • The increasing digital functionalities integration in components that used to be mostly analog
  • The need for an absolute quality (no longer measured in PPMs, but in single events)
  • The request for lower cost of test, through higher multi-site capability


To best answer these needs, SPEA testers offer the following features:

  • Strict synchronization across all the instruments
  • Pattern-Based programming architecture
  • Fast digital/analog data transfer
  • High accuracy and high resolution for V/I measurement
  • Pin electronics with high-voltage digital pin and medium power PPMU, capable of automotive protocol management 
  • Parallel and fast data management on pin electronics
  • Spike-free system, with spike detection capability on the instruments


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