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Analog Mixed Signal Testers

The cost-efficient multi-site production test



Floating architecture
Analog pin performance
Digital pin performance
Signal processing instruments
High-voltage, hi-current instruments




Devices - Application Fields






Migrating to SPEA Comptest


Parallelism 2x
Test Time 1/2
Save 50%
of handlers and probers









Floating Architecture

- PC-performance independent: multiple SPEA CPUs
  provide test program timing, while pc replacement does
  not require the test program requalification
- Multi-Core Architecture: possibility to develop and run 2 independent test programs simultaneously, in asynchronous way
- Pattern-based programming: -30% test time vs
- 64-line synchrobus and 16-line high-speed synchrobus for
  real-time instrument synchronization: no embedded delay
  when running pattern-based testing
- 99% parallel test efficiency
- Multi-site test capabilities for up to 256 devices in parallel
- High-density, floating instruments, for true parallel analog
- Universal slot architecture, up to 1,408 channels
- RF generators up to 3 GHz











Analog Pin Performance

- 1 SPEA board takes the place of 4 competitor boards
- Totally floating, independent for sensing/forcing per channel
- Wide V/I range: ±100V / ±1A, ±20V / ±2A, ±20V / 500mA
- 32 DVM digitizers into Readback, totally independent
  and independently floating
- 8 DVMs available on interface to measure on different
  points from the sourcing ones
- Clamp alarms, spike detector, automatic ramp generators
- Arbitrary Waveform Generators and Time Measurement
  Units per channel











Digital Pin Performance

- Test time for timing measurement is 1/8 than competitors
  for digital data calculation and protocol management
- 200 MHz frequency
- 16 M Pattern memory
- Voltage range -2 to +6.5V or -2 to 14V
- Active load integrated in the digital pin
- Integrated DPS (-2 to +24V, ±500mA)
- 8 integrated Timing Measurement Units (with possibility
  of multiple time measurements on the same channel)
- Integrated Programmable Logic Units











Signal Processing Instruments

- Octal Digitizer & DSP for real time data acquisition
  & processing: 16 bit HF, 24 bit Audio BW
- Quad AC generators: 14 bit HF, 20 bit Audio BW
- Selectable low pass analog filters
- Integrated DSPs for fast signal processing
- Waveform generator with high-accuracy audio section
  and possibility to generate custom waveforms
- Counter, for time measurements on high-voltage signals
  (±100V)and non-periodic signals - one-shot timing











High Voltage, High Current Instruments

- 8 high current sources: 1000 A pulsed or 20 A continuous
- 8 high voltage sources: ±2500 V
- Insulation guaranteed at test head interface
  (instruments housed in the instrument cabinet)
- High-voltage and high-current generators designed
  by SPEA
- Embedded CPUs for safety control and fast programming
- Clamp alarms, spike detector, automatic ramp generators










Test program generation & debug <1 day


- Easy-to-learn programming environment
- Guided Test Program generation
- The Automatic code generation dramatically
  shortens the time taken to develop, debug
  and release the program
- Automatic data import
- DUT-Oriented & Instrument-Oriented
  instruction Libraries
- DUT Map
- Very Rapid Appllication Development
- Test Result Analyzer
- Shmoo Plot
- Easy to run. Easy to monitor. Easy to mantain.