Automatic LED Tester SPEA - Background - SPEA

Automatic LED Light Test Equipment

Complete detection of any LED Light defects


KGD Test Cells

Complete solutions to ensure KGD quality and performance

KGD Test Cells - MEMS and Semiconductor test - Base Unit - SPEA
SPEA Flying Probe Tester - Kontaktierung einer Baugruppe

The fastest Flying Prober of the market, since ever

4080 Automatic Flying Probe Tester
Over 800.000 boards tested per year

Power Semiconductor Test - SPEA - Background

Power Semiconductor Tester

ISO + AC + DC. All with a single tester

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automotive electronics test equipment - SPEA


Aerospace & Defense Electronics Test Equipment - SPEA

Aerospace & Defense

Energy Solar & Power Test Equipment - SPEA

Energy & Solar

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Always searching for the best brains, SPEA offers many job opportunities
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