5G testing

5G testing solutions for the mmWave world

Millimeter wave device technology, or 5G technology, is opening up a new world of possibilities across many industry and consumer areas, delivering unprecedented performance in wireless connectivity.

From augmented reality to self-driving cars, from home security to manufacturing technologies, many application areas will be revolutionized by the high capacity and low latency of 5G connections. Enabling wider channel bandwidths and frequencies makes more radio resources available, while low latency offers reliable, instantaneous data transmission.

SPEA provides 5G testing solutions for components and chipsets as well as for circuit assemblies including 5G functionalities.

5G Device Testing


SPEA proposes a production-ready, effective and affordable test solution for 5G devices testing in low band, mid band and high band frequencies, up to 81 GHz, delivering low cost of test and high test coverage.

An innovative test-on-board technology, integrating RF test resources directly on the tester load board, extends SPEA mixed-signal testers’ capabilities for RF 5G applications without needing dedicated and expensive RF test equipment. Having multiple RF test resources in close proximity to the device under test drives higher accuracy and throughput, while reducing the overall cost per test.


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5G testing solution to perform all required mmWave tests

The SPEA 5G device testing solution leverages the world’s most advanced ultra-wideband RF processor, with 72 Tx/Rx channels operating across several RF frequency bands. It enables SPEA testers to perform all necessary mmWave tests accurately, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives, while increasing test coverage and reducing the Defects per Million, providing crucial competitive advantage.

Your turnkey solution for 5G device testing 


This cutting-edge, production-ready testing solution brings several key advantages:

  • Highly accurate real-time testing of T/R properties
  • Significant reduction in production RF test costs
  • Multi-site scalability: one module supports multiple sites, while multiple modules can be mounted on the same load board
  • Independent frequency bands in TX and RX
  • Functional test with complex signals
  • Power reading and signal sourcing

High-performance Flying Probers for 5G RF Testing


SPEA flying probers are able to perform, in addition to standard ICT test, an exclusive RF Test to verify the correct working of radio frequency components used to receive and transmit signals from 500MHz to 6GHz frequency.

The RF Test module can measure the frequency and amplitude of the signal emitted by the 5G device under test, checking its compliance with the expected parameters, or it can generate a radio frequency signal and then interrogate the device to verify its correct reception. Any radio frequency signal can be generated and analyzed by configuring a comprehensive range of settings of the measuring instrument.

The most advanced RF testing techniques for 5G test


The availability of this RF test technique on the SPEA Multi-Domain flying probe testers allows you to fully meet the testing requirements of 5G electronic assemblies, such as those used in latest-generation smartphones and tablets, which use one or more of the following communication technologies:

  • GSM
  • LTE
  • Wi-Fi (2.4-5GHz)
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • FM Stereo Radio
  • DVB
  • CDMA
  • … and many more
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