Where no field return is acceptable.


Aerospace and defense products require the highest quality standards: no failure escape can be accepted, and performance through long time is a must for highly complex devices that play crucial roles in tough environment and conditions.


For over 40 years, SPEA has hit the test and repair requirements of aerospace and defense electronics manufacturers, with third-level test programs able to identify every defective or out-of-parameter component, to guarantee the correct working of the unit for its entire life. Precise, component-level diagnostics, along with advanced reverse engineering capabilities, greatly simplifies repair operations. Air and naval forces around the world count on our equipment for the test and repair of their electronics, relying on our capability to develop complete test programs for all the electronic modules which equip navy ships, aircrafts, satellites.




SPEA method includes parametric and functional test of every component assembled on an electronic board, every connection between components, every device function. Only in this way manufacturers can ensure the complete functionality of their products.




The unit is never stressed during the test: probing is precise and gentle with the Soft Touch function (available on flying probe testers) and motorized receivers (bed-of-nails testers).




It often happens that defense electronics manufacturers have to test old products without board data. This is not an issue with flying probe testers and board repair software, able to rebuild CAD data and electrical schematics, without any need for expert repair technicians.




Legacy system replacement is another typical requirement of the defense market. SPEA can automatically migrate the test program from obsolete third party systems to the latest SPEA tester platform, so to avoid re-building the test program.




With over 40 years of experience in testing, SPEA can ensure the reliability required by military electronics companies, which often need support on their test equipment after a long time.

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