Complete electronics test for smartphones, mobile and RF devices, home appliances, telecom networks.



Smart. Connected. Interactive. This is what we want every product in our house to be, just like our smartphone. This expectation is driving a revolution in consumer electronics, making it more complex and leveraging the level of different functions integrated on the same device.

Miniaturized electronics, with micro-packages crowded on high-density assemblies, need to be accurately contacted to be thoroughly tested. At the same time, many functions integrated on a PCB require specific test tools to be verified, in addition to standard in-circuit test capabilities. All of this must go along with high throughput test solutions, meeting the cost challenges of the consumer market.

SPEA is on the cutting edge of test technologies for smartphone electronics, home appliance control and interface modules, communication and RF applications. Where no other test system is able to contact and test, SPEA equipment performs complete and accurate verifications at the end of the manufacturing process, enhancing the capability to keep the process under control while ensuring every device is defect-free.


  • Highest throughput capability: a single SPEA tester is demonstrated to perform as 2 to 6 of best competitor machines, successfully testing millions boards every year
  • Contacting pads/leads as little as 30μm on flying probe testers (down to 300μm on bed-of-nails testers)
  • Integration of optomechatronics test capabilities, to verify the correct functionality of LEDs, touch displays, pushbuttons, rotary selectors, keyboards and other non-electronic functions
  • Possibility to use the tester in the repair process, to make it cheaper, faster, simpler
  • Capability to safely power-on the product during functional test


Smartphone & Mobile devices

Thousands of components assembled in an area of a few square centimeters. Billions of devices produced every year. Testing smartphone electronics is a challenge that SPEA systems win, with their capability to accurately contact the smallest parts (008004 case), testing every component and function, including wireless communication protocols (such as 5G), sensors, touch displays. All of this, offering the highest throughput capabilities for the production test, and the most precise diagnostics.

RF devices

Everything is connected to everything. The request for faster, more responsive, more reliable connections is driving the test requirements for wired and wireless data communications. SPEA is on the wave with test solutions able to combine the complete test of electronic functionalities with the test of the widest range of communication protocols, such as 5G, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE, GSM, CDMA. The correct functionality of these protocols can now be verified during the production test, in a fully automated way, with no need for anechoic chambers.

Telecom Networks

Telecom electronic assemblies need to be tested thoroughly, since their key applications and their extended lifetime (ten years or even more). However, these products rarely offer the required accessibility to standard ICT testers, because traditional test pads would interfere with RF functionalities.

SPEA testers provide a full test coverage on telecomm boards:

  • In-circuit test with component-level diagnostics can be performed also on RF circuitry and high-density assemblies, thanks to the capability to directly contact SMD component pins, with no need for test pads. This allows the test of high-density circuitry, and also the test of RF circuitry where test pads cannot be present
  • Small impedance values are reliably measured (e.g. 0.5fF)
  • High-speed parallel flashing of programmable ICs is performed by the test system
  • Even large (1000x610mm) and heavy (20kg) boards are handled by the test system

Home appliances

Critical requirement for home appliances and white goods electronics manufacturers is to test their products at the lowest cost, without loosing in quality and safety standards.

This means the test equipment must be able to power-on the board (110 or 220V) with no risk for the operator, but also for the product under test, and for the test equipment itself.

SPEA ICT and flying probe testers are designed to provide high power to the board in full safety. Test instrumentation includes a complete range of power test modules: AC and DC generators, active loads, AC/DC/IR hipot modules, power matrix. This opens the doors to the possibility to combine in-circuit test, flashing and power functional test on a single test station, reducing the number of handling operations which would impact on the final product price. 4x Multi-Core architecture allows the machine to perform real parallel test, for an unparalleled throughput that minimizes the cost of test.

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