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Energy Meter Testing

Millions of Smart Meters tested every year,
zero field returns

As electronics has come to play an increasingly important role in modern energy meters, its accurate and complete testing has become essential. Every failure on the field caused by an electronic part malfunctioning can represent a huge cost, often interrupting essential services for people.
Testing the electronic unit of energy meters means to deal with different types of electronics: digital circuitry, power components, display and LEDs, and communication ports. All these parts need to be thoroughly tested – electrically, optically, functionally -, while device flashing and RTC calibration have to be performed.

Energy Meter - Smart Meter Test - SPEA

Calibration and Testing of millions of energy meters


The possibility to verify that every of these parts is defect-free and performs correctly with a single, automatic energy meter testing equipment, brings great benefits in terms of equipment investment and process optimization.

Since the introduction of electronic energy meters, SPEA has been supplying the main producers worldwide with automatic test equipment for their electronics: Millions of energy meters include electronics tested with SPEA equipment, every year.



A single machine can test all the parts, running all the required tests, including device flashing and RTC calibration. Built-in in-line handling modules.



No failure escape.
No errors detected at the end-of-line test, no field returns.



330 thousand units tested in a month on a single machine.



24/7 non-stop operation. 99.9% First-Pass Yield. GRnR analysis.

The answer to energy meter electronics test challenges

SPEA 3030 testers are able to accurately test all the electronic parts of which a smart meter is composed, detecting all the defects resulting from the manufacturing process. The final result? Zero errors at the final functional test, and zero field returns.

Full test coverage

All the necessary test techniques are available on the same single tester: In-Circuit Test, Functional Test, Flash Programming, Optical Test, RTC Calibration, Power-On Test (single-phase or three-phase), Light Test and many more. SPEA 3030 testers are also expandable with a wide range of tools, including third-party’s ones, to further increase test capabilities.


A state-of-the-art tester

SPEA 3030 testers are able to test all the types of electronic application and without the need of an operator. The test results of the SPEA testers are reliable, repeatable and constant. Thanks to the data traceability, the tester’s software can record and analyze test results, providing a valuable tool for monitoring the quality of the tested products.

Top compatibility

All the testers of the SPEA 3030 range have the same system architecture, the same instrumentation and the same operating system. Their compatibility and interchangeability allow a rapid migration of the production test from one tester to another (for example from a manual board loading model to an inline one and vice versa) when necessary. In addition, the same spare parts are always available over time.


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