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Keyboard and Push Button Test

Robotic actuators act as human fingers, for the automatic test of keyboards and push buttons

SPEA provides test equipment for the automatic production test and calibration of any kind of keyboards and push buttons: peripherals, laptops, or keyboard modules, for consumer or industrial equipment control, are tested every day with hundreds of machines developed and manufactured by SPEA.

High-performance robotic actuation systems act like human fingers, simulating real touch gestures on the keys. By pressing every key at controlled force and velocity, they apply the same force on different points, verifying the correct key working on the entire surface.
In addition to that, a visual inspection unit verifies the correct positioning of each key on the keyboard.

Push Buttons Test - Automatic Test Equipment - SPEA

Test your keyboards with programmed force and controlled speed


High-accuracy force actuators are used to test the force-displacement curves on the keyboards, to ensure that every key works properly, with the correct touch sensitivity and response.
These independent X-Y movable Force Actuators, moving up-down, apply a programmed force, with a controlled speed, to each keyboard key. The programmed force can be applied on different, programmable positions of each key, after a high-accuracy optical alignment, to verify the correct key working on its entire surface.



  • Controlled force application
  • Constant velocity of contact
  • Measure with lowest applied force
  • Measure with highest applied force
  • Keys roll-over verification
  • Landing
  • Touch apply
  • Force apply
  • Go to position
  • Retract

Optical Inspection


Optical cameras are used to verify the correct position and alignment of the keys, and also to acquire the keyboard position in the test area and align the system axes accordingly.

The best performance and robustness for keyboards test


All equipment components are based on state-of-the-art technology for the purpose of robustness, durability, reliability through time, and minimized maintenance.

The robotic architecture is based on full linear motion technology with absolute linear encoders, which ensures:

  • Extreme precision and accuracy of the finger positioning
  • No need for homing procedures, since the system is able to self-monitoring the actual finger position at any moment, with sub-micron resolution
  • No performance drift over time, no influence brought by thermal expansion
  • Automatic calibration, thanks to built-in axes calibrators.
Keyboard Test - Automatic Test Equipment - SPEA

Consistent quality


SPEA systems run standard test sequences on all kinds of devices. This brings reliable, repeatable, consistent test results, exactly replicated on every machine. The system software is able to record and analyze the test results, giving a powerful tool to monitor product quality and process quality.

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