April 07, 2023

Champions 2023: SPEA is one of them!


Once again this year, SPEA is one of the 1,000 Champions 2023 in a survey carried out by the ItalyPost Study Center, in collaboration with Corriere della Sera. It also ranks in the “Magnificent 200”, the best companies with a turnover between 120 and 500 million Euro. There is more: the company has “climbed” no fewer than 67 places in the rankings since 2022 and is now the 133rd.

The Champion companies are the best performers in terms of turnover and performance but there is more. They are debt-free and reinvest profits in business operations, overcoming times of global crisis, ensuring a future of growth for themselves and the environment in which they operate.


People, before and above numbers

SPEA is proud to be seen as an example and a model of a corporate culture that creates value, for itself and mostly for its people and the entire system. This is because behind the financial results ther are people, who put their professionalism into the service of the company’s business every day, with dedication and creativity. 


A partner of excellence

Being recognized as one of the top companies in Italy is not only a source of pride. We are happy to be an excellent partner for our customers, in terms of the technology we offer, but also from the perspective of financial solidity and long-term reliability. We have always stood out from other competitors in the market thanks to our ability to offer high-performance, cutting-edge products and also to create long-term technological partnerships with electronics companies.


The research criteria

“Imprese Champion” is a project that analyzes the top Italian companies, selected on criteria such as growth rate, profitability, equity, financial strength, and creditworthiness. The research also evaluates ethical and reputational criteria, and excludes publicly owned companies and those controlled by international entities or investment funds.

The selection criteria refer to the last six balance sheets and include: 

  • Turnover
  • Compounded average growth rate (CAGR)
  • Annual average gross industrial profits (EBITDA)
  • Rating by Modefinance


More information on Italypost website.

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