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Creativity. Innovation. Ingenuity. Since 1976, SPEA designs and manufactures the best automatic test equipment for electronic devices, such as semiconductor wafers, integrated circuits, MEMS and sensors, electronic boards, power modules, EV and consumer batteries. The company is now a global leader in this high-tech field.

From vehicles to smartphones, from tablets to the most complex aerospace, medical, defense devices. With SPEA equipment, semiconductor and electronic manufacturers can ensure, day by day, the quality and reliability of their products.

These achievements were made possible by massive R&D investments – up to 20% of total revenue. In strict cooperation with the most important hi-tech firms worldwide, SPEA R&D team conceives and prototypes the machines for the final production test, when the product to be tested is still on paper. This ability represents a valuable advantage for electronics manufacturers, as they can speed up their time to market in today’s tough competitive environment.

During more than 45 years of activity, the company has continuously grown: SPEA currently employs more than 1,000 people worldwide (over 850 at the Headquarters in Volpiano, Turin, Italy), while yearly revenue is over 190M€.

SPEA business strategy brought the choice to globalize sales and support activities (SPEA testers are installed in over 65 countries), while keeping the core of R&D and manufacturing in Italy.

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