SPEA In-Circuit Tester for power boards

3030X In-Circuit Tester

for Power Boards

SPEA 3030X In-Circuit Tester for power boards

Automatic test of big
and complex boards


3030X is designed for the high-volume production test of power electronic boards, including power inverters, power supplies, power drivers.

The system can automatically perform the conveyor handling of large and heavy boards (10kg and even more), then executes the accurate testing of electronic parts (digital, analog, power, running high-voltage test, supercapacitor test, polarity test, relay test) and mechanical parts such as magnets, LEDs and displays.

Moreover, additional operations such as optical inspection, flashing, RTC calibration can be performed on the same equipment used for electronic tests.



Testing power boards with 3030X brings important advantages:

  • Failure rate at the final functional test (end-of-line test) is close to zero
  • Repair costs are greatly reduced by component-level diagnostics: repair engineers don’t need to struggle in finding failure causes
  • Early failure detection reduces costs of unnecessary production operations on defective parts
  • Functional/EOL test equipment can be simplified, final test time reduced


Automated conveyor handling of big boards

  • Operatorless working
  • Direct integration in SMT line or test cells

Complete Test

  • No defects at final functional/EOL test
  • Field returns are practically eliminated

High Throughput

  • Lowest cost of test
  • Capability to respect SMT line takt time

Programming is easy, fast and automatic with Leonardo Operating System


  • Automatic test program generation in minutes
  • Automatic debug & tuning
  • Minimized application development costs: automatic generation of the file for fixture drilling and wiring
  • Automatic CAD data recognition & import
  • Automatic test report generation
  • User-friendly intuitive graphical interface
  • Real time production monitoring and analysis
SPEA - Test program development
SPEA In-Circuit Tester for power boards

Multifunction testers:
100% coverage with 1 equipment


SPEA 3030 board testers have been designed and manufactured to guarantee the perfect working of PCBs over years, eliminating field returns. How do we do that? Testing 100% of electronic, mechanic and electromechanic components on the board.

Test Capabilities


3030X performs a comprehensive range of test techniques, detecting, with a single machine, all the process defects and defective components, so to eliminate the occurrence of failures at functional test and the risk of field returns.

In-Circuit Test

Functional Test

Power On Test


Open Pin Scan

Led Light Test

Boundary Scan


Optical Test

Pin Finder App

Faster fixture’s pogo pins diagnostic with the Pin Finder App


The Pin Finder App is a mobile application that makes pogo pins and tester’s channel integrity verification faster and easier.
The app allows you to carry out the pogo pins’ diagnostics without having to remove the fixture from the tester.
By probing each pogo pin and viewing the measured data via the Pin Finder App, you can quickly verify each channel by measuring its resistive value and associated test point.
The app displays the pogo pins’ information in real-time. It also features a text-to-speech function to ease the diagnostic operations and avoid looking at the smartphone screen at each measurement.

Technical Data
Max. component height:150mm
ApplicationMass Production
Throughput:Very High
Test Engine Architecture:True Parallel Test Multi Core (2x)
Board Size (L x W)560mm x 420mm (22" x 16.5”)*
Board handling:High Speed Heavy duty conveyor
Board Weight:up to 10Kg
Reduced Footprint (L x W)960mmx960mm (<1mq)
Compatibility vs standard 3030IL fixture Yes

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