Test the largest boards

4060 Automatic Flying Probe Tester
Multi-Mode Dual Side Probing

SPEA 4060 Automatic Flying Probe Tester

Key features


  • Dual side probing: full accessibility & parallel test
  • Large boards testing: 1000 x 610mm (39.4 x 24’’)
  • 20 kg max board weight
  • Full test coverage
  • Conveyor / Automatic / Manual board loading
  • Micro-SMD & flexible circuit probing


Multi-Mode Dual Side Probing

4060 S2 combines the advantages of dual-side flying probing, with the possibility to use additional tools such as fixed probes, planarity supports, mini bed-of-nails fixtures, and more.


Test also the biggest ones.

  • LARGE TEST AREA: The large test area allows 4060 S2 to fit boards with up to 1000 x 610mm (39.4 × 24’’) size
  • BACKPLANES: 4060 S2 can test backplanes mounting any type of connector.
  • TALL COMPONENTS: 4060 S2 tests also PCBs with transformers, heat sinks, connectors, front panels, polarized capacitors and other tall components up to 110mm.

Best Measurement Accuracy

SPEA Automatic Flying Probe Tester
  • Highest measurement performance & accuracy (0.1pF)
  • Signal integrity
  • No measurement degradation or interference
  • Immediate signal acquisition (within hundreds of microseconds)

Fast and accurate probing on the smallest components

  • ULTRA HIGH-SPEED AXES. Full Linear Motion

Full accessibility & parallel test


DUAL-SIDE FLYING PROBING: Four top-side and two bottom-side moving heads make 4060 S2 able to perform flying probe test on both sides of the board simultaneously, increasing throughput and test capabilities.

BOTTOM MULTI-PROBE FLYING HEADS: In addition to electrical probes for electrical tests, the two bottom multi-probe flying heads can move high-speed power probes, support rods, hi-res cameras, multi-probes, laser & LED probes and electro scan probes, covering the most comprehensive test needs.

MULTI-MODE PROBING: While using the 4 top-side probes to perform flying probe test, a bottom moving platform can be used for bed-of-nails fixtures, multiple high-current power supplies, digital I/O, high-speed signals. The dynamic planarity supports allow you to reliably test large and thin boards, avoiding PCB vibrations due to probe strokes.

Leonardo OS2

Easy. Fast. Self-programming.


  • Automatic test program generation in minutes
  • Automatic test program generation with or without CAD file
  • – 50% test program generation time with new S2 System Control
  • Faster & fully automatic Debug & Tuning
  • Automatic board repair software
  • Automatic Pick & Place X-Y file import
  • Built-in Self-Test (BIST) compliant
  • User-friendly intuitive graphical interface
  • Control software to monitor, analyze & optimize the production process
Test Capabilities

In-Circuit Test

100% Short Circuit Test

Nodal Impedance Test

Open Pin Scan

Power On Test

Functional Test

Optical Test

Led Light Test

3D Laser Test


Boundary Scan

Thermal Test

Waveform Capture


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Technical Data
4060 S2
ApplicationLow to Medium Production
ThroughputVery high throughput
ChassisStructural steel
UUT probingDual + Single Side combined
Multi-Probe Flying Heads6 (4 top + 2 bottom)
Max. Board Size (L x W)Manual: 686 x 610mm (27 x 24’’)
In-Line: 1000 x 610mm (39.4 x 24’’)*
Footprint (L x W)1750 x 1272mm (2.2m2)
* For larger boards, please contact SPEA.
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