The most performing and yet most compact

4085 Automatic Flying Probe Tester
Full test coverage on 5G devices

SPEA 4085 Flying Probe Tester - ATE - SPEA

4085 is the most performing and yet most compact automatic 8x flying probe tester on the market. Its top throughput – over 800,000 boards tested in a year – makes it suitable for high-volume production test. The high probe positioning accuracy and repeatability, respectively equal to 10μm and 5μm, enable to test high-density boards, with micro-pads smaller than 50μm and SMD 01005 components. Like the ones that characterize latest-generation electronic products: smartphones, tablets, laptops and embedded PCs, routers, wearable devices, flexible circuits, LED strips, sensors, home automation. In addition, the system is designed to be able to contact even more miniaturized components, such as SMD 008004. Furthermore, the unmatched testing capabilities of 4085 are enclosed in an extremely small machine, with a footprint of only 1.29m2.

Full test coverage on 5G devices


The wide range of test techniques available on 4085 automatic tester includes RF Test, also for 5G devices, and Optical Test, through high-resolution cameras with liquid lenses. The same system can also run test programs which integrate techniques such as In-Circuit Test, Short Circuit Test, Open Pin Scan, Power-On Test, Functional Test, Boundary Scan, Flash Programming, Thermal Inspection, Light Chromaticity & Intensity Test. Thus ensuring a full coverage and the detection of every defect on the units under test.


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A single Flying Probe Tester
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Wearable devices


Home automation

Flexible circuits

LED strips

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Compact design


4085 systems feature the most advanced flying probe technology within a compact and functional structure. Their performance/dimensions ratio is truly unique: each tester requires only 1.29m² of industrial space, including the integrated conveyor. The units under test can be loaded manually or automatically: the tester’s SMEMA and HERMES interfaces allow for rapid integration into the production lines.

Furthermore, the system can be integrated with SPEA Board Loaders to compose a fully automatic and extremely compact test cell: a 4085 tester combined with a bidirectional Board Loader, for example, occupies less than 2m in length and less than 2.3m² in total area.

Top performance for the most compact automatic 8x flying probe tester

RF Test for 5G technologies

RF Test is a functional test technique for consumer electronics production and repair operations, used to verify the correct functioning of radio frequency components for the reception and transmission of signals from 500 MHz to 6 GHz.

RF Test measures the frequency and amplitude of the signal emitted by the unit under test, checking its compliance with the expected parameters, or generates a radio frequency signal and then interrogates the device to verify its correct reception. Any radio frequency signal can be generated and analyzed by configuring a comprehensive range of settings of the measuring instrument.

The availability of this test technique on 4085 multifunctional systems allows to fully meet the testing requirements of 5G electronic boards, such as those used in latest-generation smartphones and tablets, which use one or more of the following communication technologies:

  • GSM
  • LTE
  • Wi-Fi (2.4-5GHz)
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • FM Stereo Radio
  • DVB
  • CDMA
  • … and many more
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SPEA Automatic Flying Probe Tester

Unparalleled throughput

The mechanical hyper-speed of 4085 automatic flying probe tester makes it able to test from 100,000 to over 800,000 electronic boards per year, in line with the needs of high-volume production. Linear motion technology, with linear optical encoders installed on each X-Y-Z axis, provides unrivaled acceleration and speed, reaching up to 180 touches per second with 8 flying probes on top and bottom sides.

The tester’s integrated conveyor allows for fast UUT loading in and out of the test area, with an optimized index time of 2,5 seconds. The overall throughput of the testing process can be further maximized by integrating the tester with SPEA Board Loaders and thus forming a fully automatic test cell.

The robustness and durability of 4085 ensure that its exceptional performance remains unchanged and guaranteed over time: the tester’s structure is in fact designed to operate continuously in the production environment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with minimal need for maintenance.

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Flying Probe Tester - Probing on small target - SPEA

Ultra-accurate positioning

4085 flying probe tester has been designed to meet the testing needs of new microelectronic technologies, which require a higher degree of precision. Linear optical encoders with sub-micron resolution equipped directly on the system axes provide very high positioning accuracy (20μm) and consistent repeatability (5μm) in contacting SMD 01005 components and test pads also smaller than 50μm.

Furthermore, 4085 is engineered to be able to contact even smaller components, such as SMD 008004.

The natural granite chassis guarantees extreme system stability, minimizing vibrations and keeping probing accuracy unaffected by use over time. In addition, the high-resolution measuring instruments installed on the X-Y-Z axes allow for ultra-accurate measurements, with a 0.1pF resolution and a signal acquisition time in the order of microseconds.

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SPEA Automatic Flying Probe Tester

No Damage Touch

The small and delicate test pads of latest-generation electronic devices must be contacted by the flying probes with a controlled-force landing profile, in order to avoid marks that could degrade the contact point. Production testing of the latest microelectronic technologies requires the ability to quickly and safely touch SMD 01005 components and test pads even less than 50µm in size.

SPEA has developed specific technologies to ensure that no product is ever affected by the flying probing, not even the most fragile. On 4085 automatic testers, the ultra-fast linear motors of the Z-axis actuators feature a controlled-profile descent of the probes, according to the mode selected in the automatic generation of the test program.

  • Maximum speed: 10ms
  • Soft Landing: 12ms
  • Ultra-Soft Landing: 14ms
  • Zero-Force Landing: multiple touches without contact point degradation.
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Automatic Board Handling


The UUT handling to 4085 tester can be automated with in-line conveyors or with SPEA Board Handling Equipment, designed and manufactured to perform autonomous loading and unloading operations.

When combined with a 4085 system, the most compact 8x flying probe tester ever, they form an extraordinarily compact automatic test cell: the highest test efficiency within the lowest required floor space.


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