Automatic test equipment for every ev battery application

Power Semiconductor Tester

ISO + AC + DC. All with a single tester.

Power Semiconductor Tester - SPEA DOT800T

With DOT800T, SPEA provides a complete solution for power testing, combining in a single machine all the resources to perform ISO, AC, DC tests on the whole range of power applications, from wafer level to final product test.
DOT800T addresses the test requirements of traditional Silicon devices as well as new Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide technologies, covering their performance range with the highest voltage and current source capabilities, high frequency and low current measurement capabilities.
The correct device operation is verified under actual working conditions with complete and accurate dynamic tests, static test and isolation test sequences, to guarantee the quality and reliability of every device.
All of this, in a high-throughput, modular and configurable tester, designed for mass-production environments.

A single platform for the whole range
of power applications

Power Semicondutor - Wafer - SPEA



Complete test of power devices at wafer level, to improve yield reducing costs for next manufacturing steps.

Power Semiconductor - KGD - SPEA



Complete test of singulated dies from film frame, to certify Known Good Dies performance.

Power Semiconductor - Discretes - SPEA



Complete test of discrete devices, based on Si/SiC/GaN technologies.

Power Semiconductor - IPM 3 - SPEA



Complete test of IGBT and driver components of Intelligent Power Modules.

Power Semiconductor - DBC Module - SPEA



Complete test of direct bonded copper substrates, before module assembly.

Power Semiconductor - Module - SPEA



Complete test of packaged IGBT modules, under actual working conditions.

One tester, 6 test stations


DOT800T is based on a multi-core architecture: the tester can be equipped with one to six independent and configurable test cores, to perform ISO test, AC test and DC test on dedicated stations, each of which with a dedicated independent controller. With a single system, you get the power and performance of six powerful testers.

Each core can be assigned to AC, DC or ISO test stations according to the specific test requirement and operation flow. The configuration is scalable and upgradeable in the field, so to adapt the tester setup to different device requirements.

The different test programs are performed in a true parallel, asynchronous mode, since each test core controller manages test resources, instrument connections, and test program execution.


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Power Semiconductor Tester - SPEA DOT800T - Multi Core

The best resources for power test


DOT800T features a set of state-of-the-art, specialized instruments for power semiconductor test, designed to ensure performance and reliability of the new-generation wide bandgap technologies, supporting high voltages, high currents, high power, and high switching frequencies.
High voltage and current can be supplied simultaneously in testing, while great current measurement sensitivity and high-frequency built-in digitizers guarantee the best resolution and accuracy in leakage and breakdown measurements.
Local set-up memory for on-module set-up change and embedded macros to generate ramps and triggers ensures short test time.
System wide hardware synchronization between modules, and embedded alarms on high voltage and high current modules (e.g. Over temp, over current, floating, Kelvin, …) are at the basis of safe and reliable mixed mode tester operations.

Power Semiconductor Test - ISO Test Resources - SPEA

ISO Test Resource


  • up to 12kV/10mA DC
  • up to 10kV/20mA AC
  • High-voltage safety switches with output matrix to limit the discharge current, ensuring safe tester operation in every condition
Power Semiconductor Test - AC Test Resources - SPEA

AC Test Resources


  • Up to 6kV, up to 3kA
  • I Short Circuit Test up to 10kA
  • Up to 8 independent programmable gate drivers
  • 2 to 8 multiple pulses
  • 10GS/s Sample rate digitizers
Power Semiconductor Test - DC Test Resources - SPEA

DC Test Resources


  • Medium Power V/I Source (±100V, ±2A, gangable up to 16A) with 8 drivers and 8 digitizers totally floating and independent
  • High-Voltage Generators up to 20kV
  • High-Current Generators up to 4kA pulsed, with automatic ramp generators for test time reduction

Tester stray inductance <10nH 


Dynamic test of high-power, high-frequency devices does not only require instrumentation performances, but also a careful design of tester connection layout, sockets and contactors, to guarantee low stray inductance along the whole signal path, so as to minimize voltage overshoots during commutation. SPEA can provide the complete test solution, with contact units that are developed and manufactured by SPEA to guarantee ease of use, performance, and lowest stray inductance, for both industry-standard and custom packages, for ambient, dual-temp or tri-temperature test.
For wafer KGD and IGBT modules, SPEA also provides complete test cells incorporating robotic automatic handling, suitable to be directly integrated in the production line.

Power Semiconductor Tester - Stray inductance - SPEA DOT800T - SPEA
Power Semiconductor Tester - Software - SPEA DOT800T - SPEA

Best usability


ATOS C2 Operating Software provides all the resources for programming, debugging and test execution, featuring best usability with a set of tools for production mode.

Test program generation and debug <1 day
  • Codeless development, with software libraries already implemented
  • Plot for visual comparison of waveforms from the different sections of the device under test (e.g. single-phase, 3-phase, multi-stage MOSFETs and IGBTs)
  • On-board acquisition memory for V/I monitoring on all modules
  • Possibility to edit every single parameter included in the test models
  • Test flow can change “on the fly”, with no need for test program re-editing

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Performed Test
ISO TestAC TestDC Test
Pins Plate Voltage/CurrentTdOn - Time delay on ONNTC temistor check
IGBT NTC Voltage/CurrentTdOff – Time delay on OFFIGES – Gate Leakage current
NTC Plate Voltage/CurrentTrise – Rise timeVGETh – Threshold voltage
Tfall – Fall timeRgate Internal gate resistance
Eon – Energy ONCies - Gate – Emitter capacitance
Eoff– Energy OFFCres - Reverse Transfer Capacitance
Qrr – Reverse recovered chargeCoes – Output capacitance
Erec – Reverse recovery energyGate Charge (Qg)
ΔI/ΔTOn – On state Current slew rateVBr – diode Breakdown test
ΔI/ΔTOFF - Off state Current slew rateICES – Collector leakage current
ΔV/ΔTOn - On state voltage slew rateVF – Forward diode voltage
ΔV/ΔTOff – Off state voltage slew rateVCESat – Saturation voltage
Vrr – Voltage reverse recoveryBVDS - Breakdown Voltage
IRM – Peak reverse recovery currentKelvin
Trr – Reverse recovery timeRDSON
Short circuit testDynamic RDSON
Avalanche / UIL / UIS

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