Calibration + electrical test + optical test + mechanical test. Up to 8 flying heads.

All in one machine.

SPEA 100A flying actuator Tester

Key Features


  • ATE – Automatic Test Equipment, fully programmable and usable for different products
  • Calibration, test, inspection and flashing of devices and products with latest microoptics, MEMS, sensor, microelectronics, micromechanics technologies
  • Fully integrated and synchronized electrical, optical and mechanical stimulus on flying actuators, up to 4 actuators top and 4 bottom
  • Configurable double side (top/bottom) tools and instruments
  • Equipped with In-line Conveyors
T100 flying actuator tester

The First Ever

Flying Actuator Optomechatronics Tester


T100 is a flying actuator tester designed to calibrate and test any kind of device, module or product with electronic, optical and mechanical functions, using the latest opto, MEMS, sensor, microelectronics, micromechanics technologies.

T100 can be equipped with tools and actuators to perform calibration, electrical test, mechanical test, optical test.
All on a single machine without any need for additional equipment.

It is the ideal tester for production lines with a wide variety of products and frequent entry of new ones.


Fully configurable


T100 can be equipped with up to 4 flying heads (XY) on top side and 4 flying heads (XY) on bottom side, on which various flying actuators can be mounted, such as:


  • Force actuator tools, used to test, calibrate and measure any force-sensible device (keyboards, push buttons, 3D displays, flexible devices)
  • Z-Actuators, used to move, on Z axis, optical and electrical tools
  • Laser meter, used to test, calibrate and measure mechanical dimensions, deformation and planarity
  • Light meter, able to test, calibrate and measure any light source such as LEDs, LIDAR systems, displays
  • Light source, used to test, calibrate and measure any light sensor or LIDAR sensor
  • Cameras, used to verify presence, orientation, shape of components, hole dimension, scratches or dust on the product surface
  • Sound meter, used to test, calibrate and measure sound-emitting devices (buzzers, speakers)
  • Motorized screwdriver, used to assembly, screw and calibrate mechanical or electro-mechanical devices

Test Types


  • Parametric test
  • Power test
  • Functional test
  • Waveform capture
  • RF test
  • 5G test
  • Flashing


  • Homogeneity test
  • Position test
  • Dimension test
  • 3D scan test (shape and profile)


  • Force test
  • Press test
  • Travel test
  • Swipe test


  • Measurements
  • AOI
  • Light test
  • Laser test
  • Character test
  • Hole test
  • Surface test
  • Solder paste test


Thermal test
  • Temperature mapping
  • Temperature conditioning

The tester can be configured with In-line Conveyors for the automatic loading of the units under test, which can be identified by RFID Readers and 2D Readers.

In some T100 models, the bottom test area can accommodate a Movable Bottom Plate Support that can host additional actuators and fixed test tools.

T100 is equipped with ATOS operating software, which includes all the features for test execution and automatic test generation.

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