Turret Handler H5000 SPEA

Turret Handler

High Speed and Accuracy in Semiconductor Test and Finishing

H5000 Turret Handler SPEA

SPEA H5000 turret handlers are designed to perform high-speed and high-accuracy semiconductor test, inspection and finishing. Their modular design gives the greatest flexibility of configuration, to meet every process need with a wide variety of input/output media and testing units.

Test process configurability


SPEA Turret Handler can be completely configured with all the input, test and finishing options customers may need, delivering flexibility and innovative features. You can build your handler starting from a range of input, output, test and inspection unit possibilities:

Turret Handling Input


  • Wafer on film frame
  • Bowl feeder
  • Tray
Turret Handling Process


  • Electrical Test (up to 10 stations, on revolver units)
  • Device Orientation
  • 6S Optical Inspection (5S + Top inspection)
  • Multiple Device Fail Binning (up to 4)
  • In-pocket inspection, before and after sealing (on reel output unit)
H5000 Turret Handling Output SPEA 01


  • Wafer on film frame
  • Bowl feeder
  • Tray

Two different output options can be installed simultaneously on the same configuration (e.g. wafer and tape on reel, or double tape-on-reel finishing), to further enhance the Turret Handler flexibility in use.

Thermal conditioning option is also available for testing at hot temperatures, while conversion kits are available to quickly switch between different applications.

The possibility to handle diced dies directly from film-framed wafers, with output on reconstructed wafer or finishing on tape, makes SPEA H5000 Turret Handler the ideal choice for KGD testing.


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Optical Inspection

High-performance optical inspection


SPEA H5000 Turret Handler performs a complete optical inspection using accurate vision units to verify the device position and detect any surface defect, on the 6 sides. Additionally, pre-sealing and after-sealing inspections are performed on the tape-on-reel finishing stations.

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