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Semiconductor Test

Superior measurement capabilities.

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SPEA serves the big semiconductor IDMs and OSATs with the most cost-effective and high-performance equipment to test automotive, SoCs, analog mixed-signal devices, MEMS sensors and actuators, power and discretes, identification devices, delivering highest measurement capabilities, lowest cost of test and fastest time-to-market.

Automotive, Linear,
Analog Mixed Signal & SoC


Automotive and high-performance mixed-signal devices require the most advanced and powerful instrumentation, in order to deliver quality and cost-efficient test solutions for this highly demanding market.

SPEA’s DOT platform and C600MX systems address today’s and future roadmap needs.


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Power & Discretes


Applications such as electric and hybrid electric vehicles, solar photovoltaics, wind energy, are growing the importance of IGBT, MOSFET and power modules within the semiconductor market.

DOT800T platform provides instrumentation that is expressly designed to answer the test requirements of these devices, performing static and dynamic measurements with extended current/voltage ranges.


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MEMS & Sensors


MEMS market is experiencing an exponential growth: MEMS applications are spread in all kind of devices, from consumer to automotive to medical and industrial applications.

DOT platform further reduces average selling price and production costs for these devices, whose production volumes are significantly growing.


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NFC, smart cards and identification devices are pressing the request for a strong test cost reduction of these products. SPEA CT1000 and CT3000 are low-cost test systems dedicated to micro-controllers, RFID, UHF, combi devices.

They perform complete, highly accurate measurements, offering high throughput, with high multi-site test capability at wafer test, and a fast data transfer for memory test.


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Load Board & Probe Card


SPEA flying probe testers are fixtureless, programmable equipment, able to test load boards, probe cards and electronic boards with the same machine setup. They can test products as large as one square meter, up to 20kg heavy, while being able to reliably and gently contact the smallest points (50μm, or even less).

SPEA flying probers can bring great advantages over the traditional practice of running a load board diagnostics sequence directly on the IC tester: test is performed in one tenth of the time, while precise diagnostics reduces the repair time to a few minutes. Moreover, the higher fault detection capability results in fewer failures on field.


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