Social Responsibility

SPEA believes in the importance of promoting and encouraging a continuous and sustainable economic growth, committing to ensuring respectable jobs for everybody.

SPEA takes in the values and principles coming from the RBA Code of Conduct. RBA stands for Responsible Business Alliance, the world’s largest industry coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. RBA adopted a code of conduct based on respect and dignity of workers, ensuring that business is built on ethics and environmental responsibility.

SPEA adopted RBA code of conduct and is committed to ensure compliance to such code. The ambition is to move beyond the strictly legal compliance, referring to worldwide acknowledged regulation for improving in terms of social and environmental responsibility and of company ethics.

For such purpose, SPEA published its ESG Policy (where ESG stays for Environment, Social and Governance) with the commitment to guarantee a better future for the present and the next generations.

Moreover, the SPEA policies about Ethics, Work and Safety are available.

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