We believe in the value of sport for the harmonious development of people and communities. 


Several years ago, SPEA has launched the social responsibility project, designed to encourage sport practice among young people.

Investing in activities that have an important effect on the territory that raises human resources that are precious for the Company: SPEA does not keep everything to itself, returning to social issues with several initiatives dedicated to sport. From the physical well-being, as well as from the point of view of a balanced education and growth of our young people.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”: sport practicing improves well-being and health, besides its positive effect on social aggregation.

Through sport practicing, you can experience fun, team building, reciprocal support; opponents are players to beat, not enemies; The last is simply someone that didn’t win.


The success of SPEA comes from my staff: team spirit and reciprocal sacrifice are the key skills for winning the global competition. Sport is the best vehicle for accompanying the growth of tomorrow’s successful workers, which impacts on the growth of our territory. Thanks to the educative role of the sport organization we support, SPEA had the chance of meeting and hiring several young people with a winning attitude. And such a synergy is just starting”.

Luciano Bonaria, SPEA President

Our committment in Sport

SPEA e L84 Futsal



SPEA e 2WheelsPolito


"Youths of today, athletes and workers of tomorrow. If young people learn to stay in a healthy sporting environment, they will certainly be champions at work too"

Lorenzo Bonaria – SPEA Vice President 

L84 Futsal School: smile, learn, grow


Our ambition is not only to contribute to build sport champions, but mainly to participate to the growth of successful people. Around this project, SPEA supports the growth and the agonistic activities of 20 teams within L84, for athletes from 4 years and up..

The Futsal School has become an excellence in just four years, counting over 200 children (some of them are sons of SPEA’s employees), acknowledged by FIGC as the first NorthWest “Scuola Calcio Elite”. A beautiful community that grows while playing and competing, according to our idea of aggregation and social development.

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SPEA sponsor L84 Futsal

Trial school Maria Giró


Maria Girò is one of the “sporty daughter” of the Project “La primavera del Trial”: she has become one of the best Spanish girls in Trial.

Maria understood the importance of teaching, for becoming international-level Trial pilots, and she decided to give back what she learnt to boys and girls loving Trial.

SPEA Trial Bambini

“La primavera del Trial”


Spreading Trial sport among youg people. Building champions of tomorrow.

“La Primavera del Trial” is a Trial stage that SPEA organizes every year in Spain, in collaboration with the Spanish Federation RFME and the World Champion Toni Bou.

The objective of this stage is to put in contact young people with Trial, training them through practical sessions close to champions.

La primavera del trial SPEA

We support virtuous and successful sport projects

SPEA sponsor L84 Futsal

L84 means Serie A


L84 is a futsal team from Volpiano, in Piemonte. In just 10 years, L84 climbed hierarchy of Futsal in Italy, from Serie D to Serie A, becoming one of the most prestigious sport organization in Piemonte.

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SPEA & Toni Bou

Toni Bou, the most winning Trial pilot ever


The Spanish pilot has an astonishing palmares, with 30 World Champion titles. The last one is dated 2021, as Indoor Trial World Champion: the 15th in-a-row in this category.

Nobody managed to blur his light so far: he recorded 194 victories up to now.

SPEA is proud for having contributed to such a legendary result achieved by Toni Bou.

SPEA e 2WheelsPolito

Premoto3 Italian Champions!


A great result achieved by 2WeelsPolITO motorsport team: the motorbikes designed by the academic team from the Polytechnic of Turin won the Italian CIV Premoto3 Championship in 2021.

The young talented Spanish pilot Alberto Ferrandez is the new Italian Champion.

SPEA c’è!

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