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SPEA Automatic Test Equipment - engineer

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Your Best Way To Test


SPEA Automatic Test Equipment is used to test semiconductors, MEMS and sensors, electronic boards, batteries and devices, that are utilized in automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, defense, and other fields.


Creativity. Innovation. Ingenuity. Since 1976, SPEA designs and manufactures the best automatic test equipment for semiconductor wafers, integrated circuits, MEMS and sensors, electronic boards, power modules, EV and consumer batteries. The company is recognized as a tier-one player in this high-tech field, with a leadership position in the equipment for testing highly strategic and complex technologies such as medical devices, consumer MEMS, Battery Management Systems, and Power Electronics.

From vehicles to smartphones, from tablets to the most complex aerospace, medical, defense devices. With SPEA equipment, semiconductor and electronics manufacturers can ensure, day by day, the quality and reliability of their products.

What we do

Since 1976 we manufacture
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MEMS Test Handler - Pick & Place - SPEA

What we do


In a world where electronics surrounds every aspect of our life, SPEA ensures that all devices work defect-free for their entire life.

SPEA systems are designed to detect any possible defect in electronic products, so that they won’t fail on the field.

Our Semi and MEMS Test business unit focuses on analog, digital and mixed signal testing for identification, automotive, medical, SOCs, as well as on testing and calibrating MEMS and sensor devices. Product lines include H3000 test handlers and DOT testers.

Our Electronics Test business unit is well recognized as a top-level provider of automatic test equipment for assembled electronic boards (PCBAs) and modules. Our flying probe testers, ICT testers and functional testers work daily in the five continents to help electronics manufacturers guarantee the quality of their devices, at the lowest possible cost.

SPEA Installed Machines

Over 11,000 systems

installed worldwide

45+ years of Innovation


Low cost of test, best detection capability, test techniques designed on the latest technologies requirements, complete configurability. For SPEA customers, testing is not an additional cost, but a tangible competitive advantage.


SPEA’s success results from a mix of experience and know-how, continuous investments in R&D, and a strategic insight. SPEA is the only ATE manufacturer whose product portfolio embraces all the phases of testing. From semiconductor wafer test to packaged microchips and MEMS sensors test, from in-circuit and flying probe test on assembled PCBs to final functional test.


From that, substantial benefits derive: the best ideas are borrowed from one field to another, lowering costs and development time while realizing products based on the best architecture, with all the benefits of compatibility that ensue.

SPEA Automatic Flying Probe Tester

A history of excellence


SPEA was founded in 1976. A key moment in technology: the world of electronics is widening to computer science, opening the door to the widespread use of personal computers, in a great fervor of inventiveness.

The idea of SPEA founder Luciano Bonaria (a young test engineer working at General Electric) is to create standard equipment to test electronic devices, selling them to board manufacturers. This has been the first step of a history of excellence, made of success cases and continuous growth.


The success of the first testers for electronic boards leads SPEA to rapidly grow and expand its operations abroad. Starting with Germany, the pull of Europe’s economic engine.

Several important products are produced in these years: Digitest, the first Digital ICT Automatic Board Tester, and Unitest 500, the first model with multi-function architecture, which laid the groundwork for all future production.


SPEA is now well-recognized in the world of testing, becoming the fourth company in the world in the board tester field. Research and Development works at full capacity, designing products intended to be state-of-art of electronic testing, such as 4040, the first flying probe tester made in SPEA. The innovative equipment of the Italian company are used for the first time in semiconductor testing, opening new and important development scenarios.


The new millennium is full of changes for the world of electronics, and SPEA has not found itself unprepared. The continuous research of innovative testing solutions leads the company to grow continuously, passing brilliantly the phases of global crisis and gaining prestigious customers, including electronics manufacturers around the world.

Some of SPEA’s flagship products are developed in these years: the first MEMS test cell for inertial micro-sensors, as well as 3030, the new platform for multi-function in-circuit test.


SPEA is among the undisputed testing leaders of the world, both in the semiconductor industry and in the electronic boards field. The investments made in previous years lead SPEA to dominate the new market of ATE for inertial MEMS, while the MEMS test equipment is enriched by new input/output media (tray, bulk, wafer/strip on tape, output reel) and MEMS stimulus for a variety of devices (humidity sensors, pressure sensors, UV sensors, proximity sensors, MEMS microphones, magnetic sensors, combo sensors). SPEA also launches the 4080, 8-axes dual side flying probe tester ensuring unprecedented probing precision at ultra-fast test speed.


SPEA Touch Display Test

We live in an increasingly automated, connected, digital world. This scenario is leading the electronics industry in the new decade, and is also the setting for SPEA’s growth projects.

The company is at the forefront of developing the test equipment that guarantee the correct working of our electronics: all the technologies enabling autonomous driving vehicles; the sensors at the core of Smart Objects and Internet of Things; the modules that help the world be greener, related to the use of renewable energy and efficient power management (power electronics, batteries, PMICs). SPEA also confirms its engagement in industrial automation, so much that the automatic product handling functionalities – already part of testers and handlers for MEMS and ICs – have been brought on the testers for electronic boards as well: SPEA testers are now able to operate in full autonomy, also in the completely automated, operatorless factories.

A new family of optomechatronics testers has been introduced to meet the increasing function integration: they can perform, on a single machine, combined electrical, optical, mechanical test and calibration.

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