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We have been innovating every day, for more than 45 years!

We test present and future devices

Ranging from cars to smartphones, tablets to the most complex devices in aerospace, medical and defense industries

Over 11,000 systems installed worldwide

Our test equipment helps achieving excellence in production quality


Your Best Way To Test

SPEA test equipment is used for testing integrated circuits, MEMS, electronic boards, electronic devices, and batteries, which are used in areas such as automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, and defense industries.

Creativity. Innovation. Ingenuity. Since 1976, SPEA designs and manufactures the best automatic test equipment for electronic devices, such as semiconductor wafers, microchips, sensors and MEMS, electronic boards, power modules and batteries for electric vehicles and consumer products.

From automobiles to smartphones to the most complex devices in the medical and aerospace fields. It is with SPEA equipment that electronics and semiconductor manufacturers around the world ensure the quality and reliability of their products every day. Careful factory testing of each individual device is in fact the only way to ensure that the electronics we use every day are free from faults, especially latent faults that will only turn into failures during use.

What we do

In a world where electronics surrounds every aspect of our life, SPEA works to ensure that all devices work defect-free for their entire life.

SPEA systems are designed to detect any possible defect in electronic products, so that they will not fail on the field.

Over 45 years of innovation


Low cost of test, best detection capability, test techniques designed on the latest technologies requirements, complete configurability. For SPEA customers, testing is not an additional cost, but a tangible competitive advantage.

SPEA’s success results from a mix of experience and know-how, continuous investments in R&D, and a strategic insight. In fact, SPEA is the only equipment manufacturer whose product range covers all the phases of testing along the electronics supply chain: from silicon wafer testing, to microchip testing, to in-circuit, flying probe or functional testing on the assembled pcb and finished electronic module.

Substantial benefits derive from this: the best ideas are shared from one field to another, lowering development costs and time and ensuring that all products are built on the basis of the best architectures, with all the compatibility benefits that ensue.

SPEA Flying Probe Tester - Kontaktierung einer Baugruppe

12.000 systems installed worldwide

We solve the toughest challenges by designing and developing cutting-edge technologies that can enrich the lives of every person on the planet.

A history of excellence

SPEA 1976


1980 - Benedetti Roberto




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SPEA Optomechatronics


Where electronics are developed, we are there

Global Leader


We develop equipment for testing microchips, MEMS, boards and electronic devices

Solutions for every requirement


Automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, energy, medical, power, consumer

Over 1000 employees


SPEA’s People are highly qualified. 65% are specialized engineers

Strong local presence


Operating in 38 countries. We are close to our customers, right where electronics is developed.

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