Testing has never been so simple




Key Features


  • Benchtop-size low-cost tester
  • Hi-speed In-Circuit Test & Open Pin Scan
  • Automatic test program generation
  • USB connection to PC/notebook
  • Ready to find process faults & structural

Performance has never cost so little


3030BT is SPEA’s benchtop size In-Circuit tester, able to perform In-Circuit Test and Open Pin Scan to find process faults and structural defects at the lowest cost.

Smart and intuitive, 3030BT can be used without any previous test knowledge: the Leonardo operating system automatically generates and debugs the test program, while a clear interface brings even unskilled users to get a stable, production-ready test program in a few clicks.

Desktop or notebook: connected through an USB interface, 3030BT can work with any computer and is ready to test. Additionally, 3030BT can control any remote receiver, for full compatibility with existing fixtures.

Equipped with the same high-performance instrumentation of SPEA 3030 series, 3030BT guarantees top-level performance at entry-level cost. Furthermore, it can be installed in a 19-inch cabinet, composing a multi-function test equipment that can be expanded according to future needs.

With 3030BT, you do not worry about test. You just test.

Easy to use

The Leonardo operating system quickly generates and automatically debugs the test program, without requiring any previous knowledge. In a few simple steps, 3030BT’s software brings the user from data import to production test. Desktop computers or notebooks can be easily connected through USB ports.

Small footprint: 19’’

3030BT has been conceived to provide a low-cost but powerful testing solution inside a lab-bench footprint. The two front handles provide easy carry and quick removal, making 3030BT the perfect portable tester.

Test Program Transportability

3030BT is equipped with an internal CPU. In this way the test program is resident in the internal processor and runs independently from PC timing. The test program transportability is guaranteed: if the PC is changed, no tuning or re-debug of the test program is required.

Modular architecture

The modular architecture of 3030 allows you to build your own configurable multi-function tester. With its 4U 19-inch frame it can be easily used on the workbench, but also mounted inside a standard rack case, composing a multi-function test equipment according to your needs.

Forget field return

3030BT has been designed to help electronics manufacturers boost their product quality. By executing various test techniques with its high-performance instrumentation and stimuli, 3030BT can reliably find faults undetectable by functional testers and standard ICT tester.

Cost-effective Per-Pin Architecture

Each 3030BT channel is configurable by test program. Every nail can be used to perform any kind of test. This instrument/receiver 1:1 ratio guarantees several benefits: faster test generation, easy ECO management, full flexibility.

Designed to last

State-of-art mechanics. Cable-less connections. 16-bit instrumentation. 8-wire measurements. PC-independent architecture. Everything has been designed to guarantee a reliable test at the lowest cost – even after years of intensive usewith an always up-to-date equipment.

Test Capabilities


  • In-Circuit Test
    With its full In-Circuit Test, 3030BT can easily and quickly find any process fault: short circuits and open circuits, incorrect component insertion, wrong value components, diodes, transistors or ICs incorrect orientation.
  • Open Pin Scan
    Open Pin Scan finds structural defects such wrong polarity, polarized capacitors backwards, incorrectly mounted connectors, RF capacitor presence (stray capacitors).
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