4x parallel test. Ultra-fast handling.
No operator.
Minimize the cost of test






Key Features


  • 4x throughput with 4-Core Architecture
  • No operator cost
  • Ultra-fast handling in 3 sec.
  • 5000+ tests/sec
  • Automatic test program generation
  • Parallel programming of different-type ICs
  • Easy diagnostic of fixture’s pogo pins via mobile app

High volumes. High quality.
Low cost of test


3030IL is the fully automatic bed-of-nails tester expressly designed to minimize the cost of test, providing unparalleled throughput without requiring the operator to load the PCB or perform the test. It can be quickly integrated into SMEMA production lines, or used with standard automatic board loaders/unloaders. Modular and fully upgradable, 3030IL combines a wide range of test capabilities in a unique, integrated, high-throughput, cost-effective system.

4 Test Cores. True Parallel Test

3030IL can be equipped with up to 4 independent test cores – each one with independent CPU, local memory and instrumentation – able to test in parallel up to 4 boards/panels of boards. Compared to standard ICT testers, 3030IL throughput is up to 400% higher, thus minimizing the cost of test.

Ultra-fast handling

3030IL is equipped with a re-designed handling module, which halves the handling time compared to the previous generation. Just 3 seconds are enough for handling a medium-size PCBA, including board loading, presser down, presser up and board unloading.

Fixture & Test Program compatible with 3030 manual tester

3030IL is fully compatible with 3030 manual systems. You can migrate production from in-line to manual tester and vice versa, without changing fixture and test program. You can also make the system available for other applications during debug and board repair operations, increasing the system usage.

Maximum throughput with Multi-Stage

With the Multi-Stage option, 3030IL delivers different test techniques concurrently (e.g.: In-Circuit + Functional, In Circuit + Flashing, etc.), optimizing the tests among the two stages and further reducing the time and costs.


3030IL does not need an operator to load/unload the board and to perform the test. The system works in a fully automated way – when integrated into SMEMA production line or with standard loaders/unloaders – increasing throughput and dramatically lowering the cost of test.

Ultra-fast test speed

Compared to standard ATE, 3030IL test speed is significantly higher. Dedicated CPU on each Core guarantees no delay between instrumentation and PC. High-performance relays provide fast switching time. The system’s architecture minimizes instruments setup time during test. The possibility to execute different measurements simultaneously further reduces the test time.

Controlled contacting with motorized receiver

Tester and receiver are fully integrated, both designed by SPEA to provide a reliable cost-effective turnkey test equipment. Board contacting is safe and precise: with the motorized receiver it is possible to program the presser speed according to the UUT characteristics. The descent is always planar, and it is also possible to program different contacting quotes, so to execute different tests on different areas of the UUT. Direct cable-less connection between system instrumentation and fixture guarantees signal integrity. Finally, there is no need for compressed air: 3030IL can be easily moved.

Multi-device parallel flashing

3030IL can be equipped with one or more 4-Core flashing modules, able to program in parallel different-type components. They enable to program specific functions, as well as to load the system software on the ICs during the test, so to cut flashing time and cost.

High-speed parametric ICT

3030IL‘s high-speed ICT parametric test is able to measure each single component value in a very short time. Advantages: programming time reduction (the test is automatically generated), test time reduction (microseconds of ICT vs. milliseconds of FCT), repairing time reduction (automatic fault device identification).

Fully upgradable & customizable

3030IL can be factory-equipped or upgraded on field with all kind of instrumentation needed to satisfy the test requirements. It is possible to integrate power instrumentation (as AC/DC generators, Active Loads, Power Matrix, etc.) as well as third party instruments to increase test capabilities and productivity.

PC-independent architecture

With 3030’s PC-independent architecture the test program is resident in the tester CPU and the test speed is determined by the system CPU. Antivirus and other applications running on the PC do not affect the test speed. Moreover, you can change/update the PC at any moment, without having to re-debug the test program.

The benefits of a multi-function tester

  • SAVE MONEY – Why buy several pieces of equipment when you just need one? By using 3030IL, multiple test techniques are executed within a unique system. Compared to multiple test stations, the benefits are huge: no operator, a single test program, reduced industrial space, faster training and lower operational costs.
  • SAVE TIME – The required test time is greatly reduced by 3030IL.
    First of all, expensive and unnecessary handling operations are avoided. With just one board loading/unloading the tester performs different tests in a optimized way, in order to avoid redundancy and overtest of your product, thus allowing you to save precious time. And what about programming multiple equipment? With 3030IL and Leonardo OS you just need a few minutes to generate your multifunction test program.
  • SAVE FIELD RETURNS – 3030IL has been designed to help electronics manufacturers increase their product quality. By executing various test techniques with the same tester used for ICT, all risks related to subsequent handling operations are avoided. At the end of the test the product is ready to be delivered to the final customer.
Automatic PCB Loader Unloader - SPEA



Automatic Board Handling

Minimum footprint, maximum efficiency.



SPEA has designed and manufactured a new series of Automatic PCB handling Equipment, able to perform autonomous loading and unloading operations. SPEA Board Handling Equipment is available in modular configurations, which allow for quick changes on field, and stand out for their reduced footprint, as they take up just one third of the floor space typically needed by traditional PCB handling equipment.


Learn more >

Pin Finder App

Faster fixture’s pogo pins diagnostic with the Pin Finder App


The Pin Finder App is a mobile application that makes pogo pins and tester’s channel integrity verification faster and easier.
The app allows you to carry out the pogo pins’ diagnostics without having to remove the fixture from the tester.
By probing each pogo pin and viewing the measured data via the Pin Finder App, you can quickly verify each channel by measuring its resistive value and associated test point.
The app displays the pogo pins’ information in real-time. It also features a text-to-speech function to ease the diagnostic operations and avoid looking at the smartphone screen at each measurement.

Leonardo. Easy. Fast. Self-programming


  • Automatic test program generation in minutes
  • Automatic debug & tuning
  • Minimized application development costs: automatic generation of the file for fixture drilling and wiring
  • Automatic CAD data recognition & import
  • Automatic test report generation
  • User-friendly intuitive graphical interface
  • Real time production monitoring and analysis
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