With DOT800T, SPEA provides a complete solution for power testing, combining on a single machine all the resources to perform ISO, AC, DC test on the whole range of power applications

SPEA DOT800T Power Semiconductor Tester

Key Features


  • Market leader in mass production AC/DC test
  • One test platform for all power applications
  • Wide range of test instrumentation
  • Lowest parasitic inductance on the market
  • ISO + AC + DC Multi-station asynchronous test
  • Turnkey solution

One test platform for all power applications

DOT800T covers the complete test requirements for wafers, discretes (based on Si, SiC or GaN technology), IPMs, DBCs and IGBT modules.

Wide range of test instrumentation

The system is configurable with a complete set of instruments, providing up to 20kV voltage and 10kA current.

Lowest parasitic inductance on the market

Over-voltage is always lower than breakdown.

ISO + AC + DC Multi-Station asynchronous test

Multi-core architecture allows DOT 800 T to perform ISO test, AC test and DC test on dedicated stations, each of which with dedicated independent controller. The different test programs are performed in parallel, asynchronous way

Turnkey solution

SPEA can provide the complete solution: Tester architecture and instrumentation, contacting, software, application. Designed, manufactured, supported and guaranteed directly by SPEA.

Power Test Capabilities


  • ISO test up to 20kV
  • DC test up to 20kV / 4kA
  • AC test up to 1.5kV / 3kA
  • I Short Circuit test up to 10kA
  • UIL test
  • Built-in-digitizers on test instruments

Short Test Time


  • Multi-core multi-station architecture: parallel asynchronous ISO/DC/AC test
  • Local set-up memory for on-module set-up change
  • Embedded macros to generate ramps and triggers on V/I HV HI modules

Reliable Mixed Mode Operation


  • System wide hardware synchronization between modules
  • Embedded alarms on high voltage and high current modules (e.g. Over temp, over current, floating, Kelvin,…)

Multi-Core Architecture


DOT800T is a multi-core power tester, which can be equipped with one to three independent and configurable test cores.

Each core has an internal dedicated controller to manage the tester resources, the connection with the linked instruments, and the test program execution.

SPEA Power Semiconductor Tester Multi core Architecture

Three Phase Bridge

Single Phase Bridge



IGBT Module

High Voltage IGBT-MOSFET

Diode Rectifier

Fast programming + Ease of use and control

ATOS C2 Operating Software provides all the resources for programming, debugging and test execution, featuring best usability with a set of tools for production mode.



  • Codeless programming, with specific test model libraries for power devices
  • Visual waveform comparison of different device sections
  • On-board acquisition memory for V/I monitoring on all modules
  • Possibility to edit single parameters included in the test models
  • Test flow can change “on the fly”, with no need for test program re-editing
SPEA DOT800T Power Semicondcutor Tester Test Program Generation & debug
SPEA DOT800T Power Semicondcutor Tester Test Program Generation & debug



  • Customized Operator Interface
  • Datalog/Summary in customized format
  • Real Time production monitor for binning and yield
Technical Data
AC TestDC Test
TdOn - Time delay on ON
TdOff – Time delay on OFF
Trise – Rise time
Tfall – Fall time
Eon – Energy ON
Eoff– Energy OFF
Qrr – Reverse recovered charge
Erec – Reverse recovery energy
ΔI/ΔTOn – On state Current slew rate
ΔI/ΔTOFF - Off state Current slew rate
ΔV/ΔTOn - On state voltage slew rate
ΔV/ΔTOff – Off state voltage slew rate
Vrr – Voltage reverse recovery
IRM – Peak reverse recovery current
Trr – Reverse recovery time
IFRM – Repetitive peack forward current
Short circuit test
NTC temistor check
IGES – Gate Leakage current
VGETh – Threshold voltage
Rgate Internal gate resistance
Cies - Gate – Emitter capacitance
Cres - Transconductance
Coes – Output capacitance
Gate Charge (Qg)
VBr – diode Breakdown test
ICES – Collector leakage current
VF – Forward diode voltage
VCESat – Saturation voltage
BVDS - Breakdown Voltage
Dynamic RDSON
Avalanche / UIL
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