High-throughput verification of LED performance: light color, intensity and chromaticity


Architectural lights, automotive headlights, public lighting systems. From vehicles to home interiors, from horticulture to sports venues, from public lighting to displays. The applications of LEDs are spread everywhere, so the need to test and validate their specifications, meeting national and international industry standards, is a key point for manufacturers.

SPEA testers transform the LED test in a completely automated process, offering high throughput (up to 512 LEDs tested in 100ms on bed-of-nails tester, up to 12 LEDs tested per second on a flying probe system), accurate performance, consistent, replicable and traceable results.


SPEA systems – either flying probers, ICT or optomechatronics testers – can mount dedicated light sensors and spectrometers, to accurately measure:

  • Hue, Saturation, Lightness HSL color space
  • Red, Green, Blue RGB color scale
  • X-Y chromaticity diagram CIE1931
  • Correlated Color Temperature CCT
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Light intensity, in Lux or Candela


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