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Smartphone, Tablet and Wearable Test

From display to buttons, from speakers to sensors: complete functional test of smartphones, tablets, wearable devices

SPEA provides test equipment for the automatic production test and calibration of any model of smartphone, tablet or wearable device.

The equipment can be configured with the test tools required to verify the specific device functionalities, and can be easily reconfigured on field to be easily adapted to different device dimensions and layout of buttons, sensors, speakers, microphones, flash lights.

The typical test system for smartphones and tablets is composed by:

  • A high-performance gantry architecture based on linear motors with linear optical encoders, ensuring robustness, reliability through time, and extreme positioning accuracy of the mobile test tools
  • A device holder, able to rotate the device according to the test flow (0-360° programmable angle) and automatically plug headphones and power connector
  • One or multiple robotic fingers, moved in X and Y, with a Z controlled-force actuator able to accurately simulate the actual human gestures on the device
  • A set of test tools, to satisfy all the device test requirements. The system is able to automatically exchange the test tools, to perform all the test operations without any manual operation
Wearable - Smart Watch - Test - SPEA

The range of test tools can include:

  • SIM card test
  • Headset test
  • Gyro sensor test
  • Bluetooth test
  • Accelerometer test
  • Swipe & Touch test
  • Camera & flash test
  • Ambient light sensor test
  • Proximity sensor test
  • Speaker & Microphone test
  • LCD test
  • Vibration test
  • Push button test
  • Battery test
  • Fingerprint module test
  • NFC test
  • Compass test

As consumer devices are incorporating more and more new technologies, additional test tools for specific functions can be developed.

Performance and robustness

All equipment components are based on state-of-the-are technology for the purpose of robustness, durability, reliability through time, and minimized maintenance.
The robotic architecture is based on full linear motion technology with absolute linear encoders, which ensures:

  • Extreme precision and accuracy of the finger positioning
  • No need for homing procedures, since the system is able to self-monitoring the actual finger position at any moment, with sub-micron resolution
  • No performance drift over time, no influence brought by thermal expansion.
  • Automatic calibration, thanks to built-in axes calibrators.
Consumer device Test - Smartphone, Tablets and Wearables - Flying Probe Tester - SPEA

Consistent quality


SPEA systems run standard test sequences on all kinds of devices. This brings reliable, repeatable, consistent test results, exactly replicated on every machine. The system software is able to record and analyze the test results, giving a powerful tool to monitor product quality and process quality.

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