Leader in automotive electronics test.

Ensuring reliability of the car of the future.


Car manufacturers require a zero-defect rate in their electronics, which is called to work correctly over the entire life of the vehicle: quite a long time, since a car may get to be 10 to 20 years old. This is why, today, SPEA is the test equipment supplier for the largest automotive electronics OEMs and EMS worldwide, with over 1,500 systems installed.

Chosen to guarantee the quality of any kind of electronic products, from body electronics to powertrain and lighting modules, all with the lowest cost of test, and no failure escapes.


Not only that. SPEA is ready for the car of the future, with testing solutions for:

  • sensing modules and other sophisticated electronic functionalities that are bringing self-driving vehicles to life
  • e-mobility and green car: charging technologies, batteries, inverters for electric/hybrid vehicles
  • communications and infotainment of the connected car: vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, multimedia modules, interface displays


Specific test equipment is designed for each phase of the product cycle: from prototypes and NPIs, to volume production, to end-of-life and repair.



Some of our key points:

  • 100% first-pass yield
  • No defect escape: the combination of test technologies and methods guarantee the highest test coverage
  • Contacting pads/leads as little as 50μm on flying probe testers (down to 300μm on bed-of-nails testers)
  • Parallel flashing: up to 256 devices programmed simultaneously, on the same testing machine
  • Compliance to ISO 17025 standard requirements
  • Full traceability: system software is able to record and analyze the test results, giving you a powerful tool to monitor your product quality
  • Full integration into digitized factory



Product tested:

  • Powertrain electronics
  • Power management
  • Body electronics
  • Lighting
  • Multimedia
  • MEMS & Sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes, microscanners, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, TPMS sensors)

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