Highest throughput and lowest cost of test.
For the widest variety of electronic products.


High throughput, multifunction test capabilities, and fully automated operations make SPEA ICT and flying probe testers the favorite choice for worldwide Electronic Manufacturing Service and Contract Electronic Manufacturing leaders. Unsurprisingly, the first seven global EMS providers rely on SPEA testers to ensure the quality of their products, benefiting from highest throughput and lowest cost of test.


SPEA testers have been designed to answer the widest variety of testing needs, in terms of:

  • Highest throughput capability: a single SPEA tester is demonstrated to perform as 2 to 6 of best competitor machines, successfully testing millions boards every year
  • Full contactability of high-density boards and small components. When the need is to test high-density assemblies, with ultra fine pitch components such as 01005 or 008004, SPEA flying probers are the answer, with their unique contacting accuracy
  • Ultra fast board handling: less than 3 seconds to load/unload the board
  • Complete traceability. SPEA testers can provide test data to third-party MES for real time production monitoring
  • Full configurability and possibility of field upgrade, to adapt the system to test requirement evolution
  • Wide range of test techniques. SPEA testers include all the test techniques to verify 100% of electrical and mechanical components and functions
  • Fast application development: test programs are ready in a few hours rather than in days. Board information import is included in the operating software, for all CAD formats
  • System scalability: all SPEA machines are based on a modular, open architecture, which makes it possible to upgrade them on field with new functions to answer ever-evolving test requirements
  • High-speed parallel flashing of programmable ICs is performed by the test system


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