Testing from the smallest micro-electronics to the largest board


Thousands of components assembled in an area of a few square centimeters. Testing smartphone and mobile devices electronics is a challenge that SPEA systems win, with their capability to accurately contact the smallest components, testing every component and function, including wireless communication protocols (such as 5G), sensors, touch displays and pushbuttons. SPEA equipment is suitable to test small and miniaturized modules as well as large telecomm assemblies, including RF circuitry and pin connectors.


SPEA testers provide a full test coverage on mobile and telecom boards:

  • Contacting pads/leads as little as 30μm on flying probe testers (down to 300μm on bed-of-nails testers)
  • Integration of optomechatronics test capabilities, to verify the correct functionality of LEDs, touch displays, pushbuttons, rotary selectors, keyboards and other non-electronic functions
  • Possibility to use the tester in the repair process, to automatically and precisely identify the faulty parts, greatly reducing the time to repair
  • Capability to safely power-on the product during functional test, to apply real working conditions with no risk for the operator, the product, the test equipment
  • In-circuit test with component-level diagnostics can be performed also on RF circuitry and high-density assemblies, thanks to the capability to directly contact SMD component pins, with no need for test pads. This allows the testing of high-density circuitry, and also the test of RF circuitry where test pads cannot be present
  • Small impedance values are reliably measured (e.g. 0.5fF)
  • High-speed parallel flashing of programmable ICs is performed by the test system
  • Even large (1000x610mm) and heavy (20kg) boards are handled by the test system


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