Leader in testing MEMS. Since over 15 years.


Since the earliest days of MEMS industrialization, SPEA has been chosen by the biggest players in this market to develop the best solutions for their production test. Here lies the foundation of our expertise in testing and calibration of MEMS, sensors and actuators.

SPEA equipment combines the physical stimulus required for the MEMS functional test and calibration with a complete electrical test, fast pick&place handling, reliable DUT contacting.
SPEA test cells are designed for the tri-temp test of semiconductor or MEMS devices made with standard package or chip-scale packaging technology, offering the great advantage of a single equipment able to handle both types of devices.

Relying on SPEA equipment, MEMS devices are controlled in all their functionalities under the same physical conditions of their real working, counting on high-accuracy instrumentation, offering the highest throughput which ensures the lowest possible cost of test.

Strength points of SPEA MEMS test solutions:


  • MEMS test cells including handler, stimulus, tester, contactors, tri-temp modules
  • Solutions for WLCSP or standard packages, with size down to 1x1mm
  • Easy reconfiguration with different MEMS test units
  • Easy package conversion
  • Mass-production and engineering setups available
  • Global support worldwide

MEMS test units are available for


  • Low g accelerometers and gyroscopes
  • High g sensors
  • Barometric and TPMS pressure sensors
  • Environmental sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Gas sensors


  • Geomagnetic sensors
  • Magnetic speed sensors
  • Optical sensors
  • Proximity and ToF sensors
  • Microphones and speakers
  • UV sensors
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