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SPEA Automatic Test Equipment - Engineers

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SPEA Automatic Test Equipment - Engineers

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SPEA Automatic Test Equipment - Engineers

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At SPEA, we are committed to make electronics work correctly, by developing the best test technologies. Our expertise guarantees the quality of every electronic device – in smartphones, computers, medical equipment, vehicles, and more.

Creating the equipment able to meet the testing needs of the biggest names in electronics worldwide, we contribute to tomorrow’s technology, today.

To do this, we are constantly looking for talented people to join our team. We offer a growth path that leaves room for ideas, originality and initiative, enhancing the best potential of every person working with us.

Our core activities
R&D – Design – Test Engineering

You will be part of the cutting-edge technology evolutions: you will work, today, with devices that will be launched on the market in a few years. You will be engaged in the development of testing solutions, working in strict cooperation with the bigs of electronics worldwide..


R&D – Design – Test Engineering

Robotics, engineering mechanics, thermokinetics, materials science.
If the big challenges related to these fields excite you, then SPEA is the right place for you!
Develop the mechanics of the future; you will draw the solutions for the automation of Automatic Test Equipment.


R&D – Design – Test Engineering

You will be involved in every aspect of complex machine systems: from the overall project, to electrical schematics, to the electronics architecture development. You will be the interface between electronics, mechanics and informatics designers.


Project Management – PMI – Controlling – Operation Management

You will be engaged in the optimization of organizational aspects across the whole product cycle: from R&D to manufacturing and sales. You will have the possibility to combine finance and management with specialized technical skills.


OS Design & Development – ERP Design & Development

Basing on C# and WPF languages, you will develop innovative industrial softwares for highest-performance test equipment. You will follow the entire application process of your work: from the customer’s requirement analysis, to the operator’s interface development, ending with the final implementation on field..


R&D – Design – Lab Engineering 

You will have the possibility to apply your theoretical knowledge to different areas such as computer vision. You will create intelligent software for image acquisition and data elaboration. By applying mathematical modeling, you will help develop high-performance, innovative solutions used by the bigs of electronics.


R&D – Design – Lab Engineering 

Different MEMS and sensing devices require different physical and electrical stimulation, to be properly tested in their functionality. You will put in practice theories and knowledge, to develop the best test equipment for: accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, humidity and temperature sensors, optical sensors, microphones and speakers, magnetic sensors and others.

We are among a few
experts worldwide


in the electronic product testing, a field which demands creativity and continuous innovation to lead the technological progress steps.

  • The Smartphone of the moment? SPEA is there
  • The most powerful PC? SPEA is there
  • TV, Hi-fi, Appliance or four-wheelers? SPEA is there

Anywhere you can find a microchip or an electronic board, SPEA guarantees its correct working without any possibility of error.

This is why we work with the most important electronic and semiconductor industry research centers worldwide.

To develop systems capable of testing the most complex technologies. 

Our Work Force


Application engineers, test engineers, test hardware and software designers… And also experienced sales and marketing, finance, administration and creative people… We are constantly looking for young talents.

Do you think you’re worthy?

In SPEA every single
person is important.


Responsibility and effort are the main targets asked of each one for the best results in a cross-functional team.

Career’s opportunities in
SPEA are real

When there’s a new member of our team, we work together, step by step, to obtain the best individual results.

In SPEA you have the opportunity to be recognized.

Be part of our team and you’ll find out why SPEA is the right place to increase your knowledge, to share a team experience and to create your career and your future.

Job openings

Always searching for the best brains, SPEA offers many job opportunities


Regional Sales Manager
Electronic Test Division


SPEA has an immediate need in our Electronic Test Division for a Regional Sales Manager. SPEA is a worldwide leader in the testing of electronic products. We work with the most advanced electronic and semiconductor companies worldwide selling Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for engineering or high-volume production.
A candidate for a Regional Sales Manager position requires a minimum four-year degree in Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology.


In this role the Regional Sales Manager will be tasked with several activities:
  • This position involves a combination of sales and applications engineering activities
  • The position is responsible for increasing new and existing business opportunities by integrating the SPEA Electronic Test Division products into various test requirements of SPEA’s customers
  • The Sales Manager, working with the SPEA team, provides excellent sales and technical knowledge to help customers develop new products and improve existing products
  • The Sales Manager pursues new “next generation” applications and business opportunities to enable the SPEA team to develop and enhance SPEA’s products
  • The Sales Manager maintains close contacts with customers’ purchasing and engineering staff through frequent visits, follow-up meetings and correspondence
  • The Sales Manager provides quotations, obtains purchase orders and contracts, and conducts market research
  • The Sales Manager, informs the SPEA team of customer’s specifications required for a given product application, based on advanced engineering and product knowledge
  • The Sales Manager works with the SPEA team to resolve engineering related problems with customer



Minimum Education and Experience:
  • four-year degree in Electrical Engineering or Electrical Engineering Technology


  • This position may require travelling in the entire North American territory for approximately 30% of the time
  • Position Location is to be determined.
  • Job Type: Full-time


SPEA America L.L.C. offers a competitive benefits package

SPEA America, L.L.C. is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, or status as a veteran.

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